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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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UAE Government Links


1    General Information Authority

Governmental body that offers all information technology consultancy and training for UAE ministries and other governmental bodies; has links to UAE statistics (census, education, health, financial, agricultural, cultural), government departments etc
2    UAE News and Information
Official web site of the UAE ministry of information and culture; offers a comprehensive guide to the country and its political system; visa information; travel tips, night life; museums; hotel guide; shopping and arts
3    Federal Government of the UAE: Ministry Contacts
web page giving contact details for important ministries of the federal government: cabinet affairs; petroleum and mineral resources; justice, Islamic affairs and awqaf, economy and commerce, public works and housing etc
4    Federal National Council
One of the five federal authorities provided for in the UAE Constitution; has a legislative role in passing, amending or rejecting laws proposed by the cabinet; and a control role by posing questions to ministers; site has info on constitution
5    UAE Government
Web site of the UAE government; links to various ministries: cabinet affairs, finance and industry, economy and commerce, agriculture and fisheries, interior, health, foreign affairs etc
6    Cultural Foundation
Independent governmental institution intended to patronise intellectual and creative activities, to use all available means to encourage the cultural movement in literature, art & science regionally and at the Arab level etc
7    e-Dirham Cards
Payment tool devised by the ministry of finance & industry to facilitate collection of revenues, providing the government with a secure payment method and the public with a convenient payment tool
8    Emirates Post
Government agency that operates the postal services of the United Arab Emriates; site has details of various services available to individuals and businesses
9    Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority
Body set up to improve the efficiency of the financial market and protect investors from unfair and correct practices, to provide opportunities for the investment of cash and savings, to regulate and monitor the licensing of securities etc
10    Emiratisation
Government initative to get more jobs for UAE nationals and to persuade employers to replace expatriates by UAE nationals in jobs
11    Ministry of Health
Official portal of the ministry of health, government of UAE; has separate sections for doctors, pharmacists, medical technicians, nurses, suppliers, and drug agents; has a list of hospitals in the UAE by location
12    Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
site is in Arabic
13    State Audit Institution, UAE
Independent institution that conducts financial audits of public funds; conducts audits of ministries, federal government departments, public corporations, companies or bodies in which the state has not less than a 25% share
14    The National Human Resource Development & Employment Authority
specialised institution set up to aid development of UAE nationals; its objective is to create jobs for UAE nationals, improve qualification and training levels of job-seeking UAE nationals etc
15    UAE Ministry of Economy
Site has details about the ministry's objectives, laws and forms, research, publications etc; companies law, agencies law, insurance law, trade marks law, auditors law, commercial transactions; and application forms related to these
16    UAE Ministry of Education & Youth
Web site has details about the ministry, about education in the UAE, etc; site is in Arabic
17    UAE Ministry of Environment & Water
Ministry that is in charge of environment, agriculture, fisheries, soil and water, etc; site is in Arabic
18    UAE Ministry of Finance and Industry
Web site of the ministry of finance of the federal government of the United Arab Emirates; divisions include revenue and budget, accounting and audit, property and purchases, industrial affairs, information systems etc
19    UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
site has details about the structure and organisation of higher education in the UAE, institutions, activities of the ministry, departments of the ministry, etc
20    Commission for Academic Accreditation
Agency under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that sets standards used as the basis of evaluation for licensing institutions of higher education and accrediting their academic programmes
21    Department of Atmospheric Studies
Agency engaged in the study of a broad range of atmospheric phenomena and processes, using methods ranging from mathematical analysis to field experimentation; has info on synoptic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology etc
22    Emirates Transport
Trade name of Emirates General Transport and Services Corporation, which is fully owned by the federal UAE government; responsible for organising and conducting transport services, vehicles maintenance etc; carries 250,000 school children daily
23    Federal Electric and Water Authority
federal agency set up to fulfil water and electricity requirements of the UAE under the jurisidiction of the ministry of electricity and water; and to arrange new projects to expand power generation and water production capacities
24    General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare
Agency concerned with youth and sports welfare
25    Marriage Fund UAE
Agency set up to help UAE nationals with low income who wish to avail of a marriage grant
26    Ministry of Justice
Web site of the UAE ministry; based in Abu Dhabi
27    Tedad
Official web site for the UAE 2005 census
28    UAE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
web site is in Arabic
29    UAE Ministry of Planning
Ministry which undertakes preparation of the general plan projects for development in the country
30    UAE Offset Programme Bureau
Organisation that aims to add strategic, economic and commercial value from the UAE's defence procurements through the creation of joint ventures with international defence companies; joint ventures range from ship building to agriculture
31    UAE Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs
Site is in Arabic



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