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Philosophy Links

American Philosophical Association

Provides information on how to join APA and offers links to APA's Proceedings and Electronic Bulletin Board. Also offers links to other Web resources for philosophers. Includes information on upcoming events sponsored by APA and/or of interest to philosophers.


Provides information about the philosophy journal ANALYSIS and its monthly e-mail supplement ANALYST. Provides information on how to subscribe to both ANALYSIS and ANALYST. Includes recent and current contents of ANALYSIS, as well as links to the ANALYST ftp archive.

APA Electronic Bulletin Board


Provides information about the American Philosophical Association (APA). Includes information on grants, fellowships, academic positions, bibliographies, software, summer institutes, and calls for papers.

Arisbe: A Home for Charles S. Peirce Studies

Contains hypertext versions of Charles Peirce's papers and information on various subjects relating to Peirce.


Contains translations and texts of Augustine. Also includes other research materials and reference aids. Also contains papers from an online seminar and images.

Australasian Philosophy Network: Home Page

Focuses on philosophy in Australian and New Zealand. Contains information on AP net, Australasian philosophers, departments, conferences, and job postings.

BEARS in Moral and Political Philosophy

Brown Electronic Article Review Service on Moral and Political Philosophy. Contains short reviews of articles that have appeared in the last six months. Provides information on contributors and a list of reviews.

Cybernetics and Systems Theory

Contains information gathered through the Principia Cybernetica Project. Contains general information and background material on cybernetics and systems theory.

Department of Philosophy, University of California, Riverside

Provides information about the University of California of Riverside Department of Philosophy. Also offers a departmental newsletter. Provides up-to-date information on several university-sponsored colloquia throughout the year and others of interest.

Department of Philosophy

Presents the University of Warwick department of philosophy. Contains information about the department's faculty, courses, and programs. Provides information on their new graduate program in the Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health. Also contains information about upcoming conferences sponsored by the university.

Environmental Ethics

Provides information on environmental ethics. Focuses on environmental ethics resources. Provides book reviews and site summaries and links of interest to environmental philosophy.

FU-Berlin Philosophy Web

Provides lecture timetables and news about the FU-Berlin Philosophy Department. Includes German and English versions. Also provides links to other European and North American Philosophy servers.

Index Page[md]McGill Philosophy

Provides information about McGill University's philosophy department. Contains annotated descriptions of site links.

Indiana University Philosophy Department

Provides standard information about faculty, programs and courses. Contains links to local features, including schedules of local seminars; Paul Vincent Spade's Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy Home Page; Raymundo Morado's 5,000+ Bibliography of Belief Revision and Nonmonotonic Logics; David Chalmers's 1,600+ annotated Bibliography of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind; and The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy, a peer-reviewed hypertext journal of philosophy.

IUS Philosophy Department

The web server for the Indiana University Southeast Department of Philosophy. Contains basic information about courses, programs, and faculty. Also contains the Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy. Lets you collaborate in the construction of a first-rate and continuously updated bibliography of works in philosophy published by women.



Contains bibliographies on Kierkegaard, as well as other documents.


Provides an index of links to resources relating to the French philosophers, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

Philosophy and Religion


Presents the Library of Congress' gopher guide to philosophy and religion. Contains links and documents relating to philosophy from all over the world.

Philosophy at UMass

Provides information about the philosophy faculty and programs. Maintains an Internet listserv in undergraduate philosophy, available through a link at this site.

Philosophy at UT Martin

Provides course descriptions, faculty information, and program requirements. Also contains The Hume Archives, a repository of electronic texts by and about 18th Century Scottish philosopher David Hume, as well as the Philosophy Forum, a student philosophy club.

Philosophy in Cyberspace[md]Home Page

Provides an annotated guide to philosophy resources and tools available over the Internet. Includes information a novice needs and offer links even the most experienced user can use.

Philosophy Resources


Contains a list of all the philosophy departments in the United Kingdom, their addresses, contact information, and their head. Also provides information on conferences, workshops, and calls for papers.

Philosophy, Utrecht University

Features a list of the Logic Group preprints; a Web version of the (Dutch!) newsletter for our CKI students, the Cognitio; an ftp server that contains an electronic archive of the logic preprint series; information on FAB ("Feminist Approaches to Bio-ethics"; and information on cogpsy (about Cognitive Psychology and Connectionism).

PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research and consciousness

Provides direct access to PSYCHE's archives. Also contains a FAQ associated with the journal that covers the following topics: general introduction; notes for authors; book reviews; subscriptions to the electronic version of PSYCHE; subscriptions to the MIT Press version of PSYCHE; the discussion list Psyche-D; archival information; the executive editor, associate editors, and editorial board.

School of Philosophy, University of Sydney: Home Page

Provides general background about the University of Sydney's philosophy department. Also contains research reports that contain information on book chapters, conferences, and theses; and many other types of scholarly information.

Stanford University Department of Philosophy

Contains information on courses, faculty, and upcoming colloquia. Offers a few links to philosopy resources and if you root around in the pages you can find some Sanford content available to anyone.

The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Includes three issues in hypertext, simple text, or PostScript; provides analytical philosophy articles. Provides information on how to subscribe to the journal via a listserv. Includes topics for upcoming issues, and invites submissions. Also contains links to other philosophy sites.

The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

Part of an international working group coordinating access to philosophy preprints. Provides information in a visual index, as well as a textual one. Includes subject access, submissions, and directory links.

The Nietzsche Page at USC

Provides information on all aspects of study. Contains the complete text of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra; information on the available e-mail lists for Nietzsche studies; assorted mixed opinions and maxims from Nietzsche; and many other documents and links.

The Tech Classics Archive

Contains full text documents by many philosophers spanning the ages. Includes a full text copy of Candide (English).

University of Chicago Philosophy Project

Serves as a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion of philosophical works. Contains several moderated philosophical discussions between small groups of participants.

UT Philosophy Department Home Page

Contains the standard information about courses, faculty, and programs for the University of Texas philosophy department. Offers a jump to philosophy resources on the net, from which you can access information on philosophers, philosophies, journals, electronic texts, projects and organizations, and newsgroups.

UW Department of Philosophy

Contains the same course, faculty, and program information as most universities about the University of Waterloo. Contains a Philosopher's Gallery, which offers images in JPEG and GIF formats, categorized for easy access.

White Mountain Education[md]A Source for the Ageless Wisdom

Provides articles, lectures, the online publication Meditation Monthly International, esoteric astrology, and psychology.




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