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Games Links

Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Home Page

Provides information on Advanced Squad Leader, a tactical level World War II board game, as well as links to other ASL sites and tournament information.

Avatar[md]A Multi-User Dungeon Adventure

Contains more than 9,000 rooms to explore. Offers 7 character classes, 13 races, 50 mortal levels and numerous Hero and immortal levels.

Bigben and Avalons Abode

Focuses on to real-time communication over the Internet. Provides numerous ways to access Talkers, MUDs, IRC and Webchat sites.

Bomberman WWW Page

Covers Bomberman in deeee-tail. Includes an e-mail form for you to use to comment on it or offer information to other fans. Also includes an archive of the mail that other people send.

BradyGAMES Gamer Connection

Attempts to list the toughest gamers on the Web[md]sort of an elite gathering of the best, all in one place. Lets you sign up so you can get in touch with gamers in your area to arrange a game by modem (or network, if you happen to work at the same place).

BU's Interactive WWW Games

Enables you to hunt a mysterious and smelly beast called the Wumpus, play a game of strategy (Pegs) against the computer, do a mine sweep, do a 9 Puzzle, or play good old Tic Tac Toe. Offers Wumpus and mine sweep games in a text-only version and offers several links to versions for differing levels of Web browser complexity.

Cat & Mouse

Provides instructions and rules for this transmitter location game played in cars using CB radios.

Chess Informant Home Page

Chess Informant, online. Also features chess books by top-rated grand masters, anthologies, and monographs. Offers links to other chess-related sites.

CICA Index: Windows Games, Educational Software, and More

Offers many downloadable games for Windows. Lists and briefly describes each game. Ranges from old favorites, such as Solitaire and Checkers, to mysterious names like Squirmer and Rangoon.

Companies (Welcome to the Usenet Role-Playing Game Companies List!)

Lists the names, telephone numbers, and the e-mail and snailmail addresses of game companies.

Computer Exchange (England)

London's funkiest videogame/computer store now offers everything from cool Playstation stuff to second-hand hard drives, online.


Provides a graphical Connect Four game. Offers several options to make play more challenging. Serves as a "free-time" site for the kids.

Conquest! Home Page

Provides information related to the game. Includes all the manuals for the game, as well as other information needed to play.

Dan's Poker Dictionary

Provides a dictionary of poker terminology cross-referenced heavily and alphabetized with links.

Dig Zone

Presents a multiuser-shared environment Web game in which you battle the hazards of gravity in search of valuable coins. Interactive live game.

DigiTar WWW Link

Provides information on current and future gaming projects of the DigiTar Corporation, developers of 3-D action and adventure games.

Dinosaur Slammers and POGS[tm]

Exhibits mirror-finished pure copper and silver dinosaur slammers[md]collectors' coins you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Fantasy Roleplaying Archives

Offers roleplaying games in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons. Includes a listing of a wide variety of downloadable file sites on the Web as well as other Web sites on the same subject.


Tells you which video games you might like to have. Covers Amiga, Atari, NeoGeo, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. Includes a set of pages called "Are You All Clued Up?" which access from a link called "Bluffer's guide to videogames."

Gamer's Den

Moderates two games for play via e-mail: Odyssey (heroes and armies in a fantasy setting) and Phoenix (space conquest and diplomacy).

Games (Part of Multimedia File Formats on the Internet)

Serves as a site for the Internet newcomer who wants to download and play games. Explains the basics in simple language and supplies some ftp sites from which to download.

Games Domain[md]Games-Related Information Site

Serves the new and the experienced game developer. Strives "to be the link to the most comprehensive information available pertaining to the creation and development of computer-based games." Acts as a detailed and complete source for people intrigued by the process of game creation. Also offers lists of frequently asked questions (FAQs), links to ftp sites, and discussion groups.

Games Guide

Online guide to computer entertainment. Features game reviews and hints and cheats on platforms including PC, SNES, Megadrive (Genesis), Saturn, Gameboy, PlayStation, and 3DO. Also provides the latest gaming news and links to gaming sites.

Games on the Internet

Provides indexed and alphabetized list of sites for DOS and Windows games. Describes and offers ftp links you can use to download the game for each game in the list. Features a list of the 25 most-frequently accessed games.

GAMES Section (CSUSM Library Technical Services Windows Shareware Archive)

Includes almost 400 downloadable games for Windows. Numbers and lists each file and includes a description, file size, and date.

GameWeb[md]A Web Gaming Resource

Contains about 2,500 links. Adds new games and game sites regularly.

Hangman at COMMA in Cardiff

Presents the classic word guessing game.

History of Game Theory

Offers a detailed and thoroughly linked time line that notes important papers, schools of thought, and events related to the study of game theory and its relation to the study of economics.

Index of /computing/systems/ibmpc/windows3/ games

Lists more than 400 files by date and size. Originates at SUNSite Northern Europe.

Josh & Eric's Incredible Choose Your Own Adventure

Presents a game in which the object is to get through the day without being kicked out of school and/or killed. You wake up too early for your French test at the beginning and run through a series of adventures.

Magic: The Gathering[md]Overview

Focuses on the card game Magic. Provides information on every aspect of the game, including a basic overview.

michael moncur's quotations page

Offers quotations galore. Features quotes of the day, a random quote generator, and a searchable database. Also offers links to other online quotation sources.


Provides a variety of services, ranging from providing software engines for use in other developers' game products, to the development of complete games. Specializes in fast, real-time 3-D graphics rendering, optimized for a particular game design category. Features the Atlantis game engine, a powerful and more general-purpose DOOM-style engine, capable of displaying realistic architectural elements. Lets you download a demo.


Contains the NEXUS roleplaying-game club. Provides information about NEXUS and offers links to roleplaying, conflict simulation games, live-roleplaying, films, comics, manga, anime, and more.

Oh No! The Lemmings Games Web Page

Focuses on the game of Lemmings. Provides information on the game. Includes the sound, presumably, of a lemming. Includes downloadable demos.

PHT's Game Page of the Universe

Aims to maintain "the hottest list of game links from all over the Internet." Offers a series of "best of" lists and, of course, downloadable files, and lets you preview and comment on the company's newest game products.

Play by Mail (PBM) Games Links

Enables you to fight the evil Arch-Druid of Ulom, wrestle, play cricket, design new species, or just fight for galactic domination[md]all by e-mail.

Radnor's Page O' Fun

Provides information on the Warcraft line of games from Blizzard.

Real Beer Page: Games

Includes witty directions on many different amiable ways to pickle yourself and your friends while having a good time. Urges surfers not to drink and drive.

Rock Paper Scissors

Presents Rock Paper Scissors, the ancient childhood game of choice[md]online at last. Provides hours of fun playing against your imaginary friend.

Roleplaying Games (Welcome to the Usenet Complete Role-Playing Games List)

Provides information about the ins and outs of roleplaying games. Includes a detailed discussion of the many types of games and information on whether games are still being produced and by whom. Supplies sources and suggestions for further roleplaying game investigations.

Roleplaying Games, Collectible Cards, Games, and Hobby Supplies

Specializes in collectible card games, roleplaying games, board games, and hobby supplies.

RPG and CCG Resource Page

Provides information on and links to many companies that produce roleplaying games and cards. Includes links to pages with survey forms, lists of upcoming releases of games, order information, and more.

RPG International

Sells roleplaying games through the mail. Offers a large collection of product reviews and links to other RPG-related pages.

Sanctuary Woods Multimedia

Creators of Buried in Time, a game that immerses its players in a complex web of mystery, betrayal, and deception. Covers coming attractions and offers downloadable demos of their games.

Sights and Sounds[md]Home of the Internet Magic Tricks

Presents self-working magic tricks, in which the computer is the magician and you are the audience.

Software Creations

Implements the best of both worlds. Enables you to use all the features of the popular Software Creations BBS on the WEB. Features full file sections, fast text search, an online order door, bulletins, and hot news releases, among other features that combine BBS technology with the WEB. Supporting thousands of virtual nodes allows large corporations to put up support, and marketing sites that integrate easily and safely with the Internet and gives them the interaction and power they need with little hardware.

Strands[md]an Earthdawn Web Page

Enables fellow players to share Earthdawn (a fantasy roleplaying game by FASA Corp.) related material. Includes sample character sheets, reviews of FASA Earthdawn products, and aids for gamemasters and player characters.

The Addventurers!

Provides a MOO-style text exploratory game on Web pages in which you can decide what happens next. Describes the situations and environments to you and lets you respond to a menu of choices.

The Gamer's Ledge

Focuses on the gaming crowd. Presents reviews of new games; lets you access the most complete list of online games-related magazines; lets you download demo/shareware copies of many games; and lets you visit the Web sites of all the game makers/producers.

The Wonderful Team17 Home Page

Provides many things to look at, touch, feel, or do with as you please. Provides a complete Wonderful Team17 softography.

The XystMUSH Home Page

Offers XystMUSH, "one of the most exciting Internet games around." Presents a virtual reality world in which players can build and program new things into the environment. Also offers an adventure game in which players solve puzzles to reach rewarding goals.

Theala Sildorian's Unofficial Champions Home Page

Focuses on playing Champions and other Hero System Games. Contains links to all major Champions/Hero System ftp archive sites, a special discussion project previous available only on AOL, gossip and upcoming product announcements, software reviews, and exclusive comic commentaries on the Hero System from the warped mind of Chris Avellone.

Tic Tac Toe

Lets you play tic tac toe on the Web against the computer. You can choose to go first or second.

Transformers 2005 MUSH

Contains the Transformers 2005 MUSH, an online interactive roloeplaying game, is set in the Transformers universe in the year 2005 and concentrates on cooperative roleplaying in a faction-based environment.

Wargamers Directory

Serves as a directory for finding wargaming opponents. Lets you add your own contact information and gaming interests, as well as browse the list of gamers.

Welcome to Connect Four

Lets you play Connect Four against the computer. Provides two versions[md]one for graphical browsers and another for text browsers. Uses your e-mail address to keep track of your personal record.

Welcome to Nintendo

Provides access to graphics or a mostly-text version of the same. Provides information on Nintendo products, including sample sreens. Invites you to suggest things that Nintendo should put on their "Gimmicks" page, jump into real time Webchat, or go to other places.

World Wide Web Ouija

Offers an online Ouija board.

Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web

Offers links to several pages of games on the Web itself. Supplies an icon set to identify games that use forms, in-line images, image maps, color display, audio, tables, and autorefreshing pages.




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