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Health Links

A Word on Health

Focuses on a few topics, such as vitamins and medicine. Changes every three months.

Access to Sleep and Psychology

Offers basic how-to and self-help information. Also provides sleep research and psychology information. Provides abstracts on melatonin in sleep, health, and development.

Acclaim Professional Counseling

Offers links to short self-help articles on marriage, better sex, recovery from depression, and other happy thoughts.

Actual Natural Source

Focuses on the uses of bee pollen extract for different ailments of the body.

Acupuncture Home Page

Provides information about acupuncture.

Advocare Nutritional Products

Offers weight loss, sports nutrition, and skin care products from Advocare International. Supplies complete product information along with product graphics and order forms. Also offers a business opportunity to people who might want to distribute the products.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Lets you register for the AIDS Walk.

Alexandra Health Center

Provides knowledge about natural medicine and homeopathy. Also provides concise descriptions on the medicine for sale.

Alliance Health Products

Offers a complete line of health food products to improve your health and diet, including vitamins, herbal health care products, and a natural weight loss program.

Alternative Care

Online newsletter. Focuses on consumers, professionals, and students who want to know more about various forms of alternative health care. Includes a consumer section, which contains articles that describe a wide range of alternative therapies and offers links to other pages that deal with specific disciplines. Also includes a professional section that contains research, news, and other information.

Alzheimer Disease Web Site

Serves as a reference site for clinicians, investigators, and caregivers interested in Alzheimer's disease and other related dementias.

An Introduction to Vision Correcting Procedures by Med-Source, Inc.

Informs the public about vision correcting procedures, including radial keratotomy (RK) for nearsightedness, astigmatic keratotomy (AK) for astigmatism, automated lamellar keratoplasty (ALK) for farsightedness, and the soon to be FDA approved photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) for nearsightedness.

APP's Home Page

Specializes in delivering prescriptions to HIV and transplant patients. Provides full prescription services, including drug interactions, disease management, and patient reimbursement. Also supplies infusion services for physicians, clinics, and home care agencies.

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Private, nonprofit institution. Offers children comprehensive medical care from birth to age 21, from every county in Arkansas and from many nearby states, regardless of a family's ability to pay.

Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre

Provides information in areas of womens health, including infertility, endometriosis, contraception, sexually transmitted disease, menopause, stress management, and PMS. Also provides information about the doctor's purpose and creditials regarding opinions within the Web site.

Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade

Provides information about breast cancer and breast health. Includes a list of more than 250 breast cancer support groups across the country.


Explains the many uses of Australian tea tree oil.

Basic Health and Medicine Home Page

Offers general resources and links to information on certain questions.

Blind Childrens Center, Inc. Home Page

Nonprofit organization. Provides resources and assistance to visually impaired children and their families. Provides information on an educational preschool program, family services, the current newsletter, and a calendar of upcoming events. Also lists links to other related sites.

BONES: The Biomedically Oriented Navigator of Electronic Services

Provides faculty, staff, and students in the health sciences with a starting point for Internet exporation.

Breast Cancer Information

Provides information for breast cancer patients and their families.

Bright Innovations

Focuses on those interested in developing new products for the medical field that require research and development and use of the latest computerized tools to reach the market. Provides information that can help you achieve these goals.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South

Center for the advanced diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory disease. Offers a wide range of reports covering the full spectrum of prevention, diagnosis, and nonsurgical and surgical treatment of circulatory problems.

Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin

Nonprofit state association that serves more than 100 Catholic health care facilities in Wisconsin. Provides information about the association's purpose, educational programming, newsletters, and ethical information.

CCP's AIDS-related WWW Pages

Offers AIDS-related links to information provided on the Web.

Cell Tech Super Blue Green Algae

Provides information about Cell Tech Super Blue Green Algae.

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

Conducts epidemiological and behavioral studies in the primary prevention and early intervention of HIV disease. Carries out these research activities locally, nationally, and internationally. Also conducts ethical studies and policy analyses of AIDS-related issues, and provides a program of technology transfer and exchange with community-based organizations.

CGS Biomedical Information Service

Information research company searching major databases, libraries, and other resources, specializing in biomedicine, biotechnology, health care marketing, and legal aspects of any biomedical topic.

Code Four Medical

A Public Health & Safety company that provides training, consulting, and supplies.

Conscious Choice

Online bi-monthly midwestern magazine that reports on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition.


Offers psychological information and relevant links for mental health information and resources.

Cyberspace Hospital

Provides one-stop access to medical Web servers around the world. Organizes the links into medical specialty departments using a virtual hospital setting.

Deaf World Web

Lists some information in German and French, as well as English, and is fairly international in scope. Provides information on deaf studies, deaf culture, useful services, and more.

Department of Neurosurgery at New York University

Serves as a resource center for patients, families, and health care professionals on a broad range of neurosurgical issues. Also describes the surgical specialties and research of the staff of the Department of Neurosurgery at the New York University Medical Center.

Department of Otolaryngology at Baylor College of Medicine

Provides information from the Department of Otolaryngology, including faculty and resident directory, residency and fellowship information, audiology program information, grand rounds archives, subscription information for the OTOHNS-Online Otolaryngology discussion group, and links to other otolaryngology resources.

Doody Publishing Health Science Book Reviews

Targets people interested in newly published health sciences books[md]professionals, students, librarians, bookstore staff, and publishers in the health sciences. Offers access to a book reviews database that consists of bibliographic and descriptive information on 5,000 titles with original reviews of 3,000 of them (by paid subscription), but offers a one-day free trial.

Dr. Bower's Complementary Medicine Home Page

Attempts to catalog and assist in the research being carried out world-wide in complementary medicine. Offers links to other health-related sites.

Dragon Herbarium

Online herbal store. Offers many herbs, spices, essential oils, tinctures, potion, lotions, and more. Features an online catalog and price list.

E-Zee Vision Prescription Eyeglasses

Offers prescription eyeglasses, factory-direct. Features high-resolution color images and sound.

FHP Health Care

Targets anyone who wants to assess their own health or learn more about HMOs.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals Laboratories

Researches, develops, and manufactures of dermatology preperations, skincare lines, sunscreen protection, and eye and cosmetic products.


Presents Fitness, online. Serves as your guide to beauty, health, diet and fashion. Lets you check your fitness profile. (some parts only in Swedish)

Fleming's Healthy Life Products

Provides information on how to stay healthy, support the immune system, and aid in overcoming illness and disease through natural means. Includes a product list. Offers an income opportunity for caring individuals.

Formula One

Advocates use of Formula One as part of your daily plan to supplement your overall health, follow a weight management program, or build your body to its maximum level of performance.

Galaxy's Nutriton-Medicine

Includes hundreds of different topics within the nutrition, medicine, and biology sciences.

General Complementary Medicine

Offers links to other health and medicinal home pages.

Global Health Network

Focuses on networking everyone engaged in public health and prevention world-wide. Lists agencies and contacts in public health and provides information about diseases and health care.

Hair Loss Handbook and Support Group Network

Targets the countless number of men and women who want to learn more about hair loss.

HANS[md]The Health Action Network Society

Involves current issues at hand, such as acupuncture, chiropractice, disease, fluoride, food, government, pesticides, vitamins, and water. Offers films, books, and videos for sale.

Harvard Biological Labratories' Biosciences-Medicine

Provides information about what many colleges offer in their health/medicine field, as well as search units to find key topics about health questions, such as pharmacy, epidemiology, and even veterinary medicine.

Health and Longevity

Includes information on naturopathy, herbology, nutrition, and homeopathy. Derives information from their monthly newsletter.

Health Resource

Provides information about health, stress, sexuality, and many other problems that people can encounter.

Heart Mind Body Institute

Explains new approaches in the prevention and reversal of coronary heart disease without open heart surgery. Seeks to help you free yourself from any kind of heart disease using this new approach.

Herb'n Outfitters

An online herbal store that provides information and photos.

Herbal Hall

Focuses on all things herbs. Includes a list of resources, books, schools, and herbalists. Also features pictures and text.

High Techsplanations, Inc.

Develops physically based virtual environment software applied primarily in the area of surgery simulation. Focuses on revolutionary virtual reality (VR) surgical simulations technologies broadly applicable to improving medical training and practice.

Hospital Web

Offers a list of hospitals that have Web servers to which you can jump, as well as a list of medical schools on the Web.

Institute of Psychiatry

Postgraduate school of the University of London, recognized by the World Health Organization as a collaborating center for research and training in mental health. Seeks to promote excellence in the research, development, and teaching of psychiatry and its allied subjects and to apply and disseminate knowledge through the development of treatment for the relief of suffering. Contains information and research on mental health, psychiatry, and neuroscience.

International Health News

Presents a monthly electronic newsletter and discussion group for people who want to gain a better understanding of news and research on the relationship between health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Lifelines Health Page

Covers many aspects of health, medicine, and nutrition. Offers a newletter, a shopping site for vitamins and other healthy foods, and instructional audio and video tapes. Offers Spanish and English versions.

Lifestyles' Natural Health Foods

Includes many pictures of health foods sold, such as vitamins, shakes, cookies, and cakes.

Marquette University Program in Physical Therapy

Includes information about the Master's in Physical Therapy Program at Marquette University and about the profession of physical therapy. Offers many links to other physical therapy and health-related topics.

MDB Information Network

Provides objective information for health care decision makers. Helps health care providers reduce risk, contain costs, and increase efficiencies by providing reliable data, strategic analysis, and counsel. Delivers services through three divisions: MDB Technology Services, MDB Information Services, and MDB Financial Network.

Medicine On Line

Serves as a commercial online medical information service. Provides health care professionals and consumers a convenient place to obtain medical information. Serves as a gateway to access other health information services on the Internet. Currently focuses on cancer information.

MedLink International

Links physicians with practice opportunities around the world. Assists physicians seeking employment opportunities as well as medical organizations recruiting qualified doctors.

Medscrip Windows Prescription Writer for Physicians

Offers a Windows prescription writer program for physicians, written by physicians for physicans. Reduces the workload and decreases the probability of errors.

Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Highlights the research, education, and multimedia efforts in which the Missouri Institute of Mental Health currently is involved.

Mom's Advice

Offers fruits and vegetables in capsules.

MSU Athletic Training

Provides information for people interested in the athletic training profession. Provides information about MSU as a curriculum program and information concerning it. Also offers a number of other athletic training or related links, such as program information, alumni information, history, athletic training listserver discussion directory, and staff.

My Life International

Markets organically sourced health products, including BioGen Plus.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Home Page

Focuses on improving the lives of people who have severe mental illness and their families.

National Health Video

Provides information on dieting, diebetes, and weight management. Offers many educational health videos.

Nature's Medicine

Provides natural alternatives to Western medicine. Specializes in targeted nutritionals for better health. Offers more than 200 products.

Navigator's Health and Nutrition Page

Includes jumps to a wide range of health and medicine sources from around the country. Serves as a starting for any health-related search.

New England Medical Center

Provides information about tradition and history the prestigious New England Medical Center. Offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for adults and children.

Noah's Ark Home Page

Provides information about organic farming and the kind of insects that the organic farmer should use rather than pesticides.

Northridge Family Practice Residency Program Home Page

Targets applicants and those interested in family practice.

Northwestern University Department of Radiology

Offers links to current radiologic information and case presentations, as well as a description of services provided, staff, residency, and fellowship programs.

Parkinson's Web

Serves as a resource directory, pointing you to sources of information on Parkinson's disease.

Pediatric Rheumatology home page

Provides information for children and young adults who have arthritis and other rheumatic diseases of childhood, their families, and the physicians who care for them.

PhRMA Home Page

Provides overview of PhRMA, which represents more than 100 United States pharmaceutical research companies. Also provides answers to frequently asked questions about pharmaceuticals, latest news, health guide series, and an interactive stroke survey.

Physician Finder Online[tm]

Presents a tool you can use to search for your next physician, surgeon, or dentist. Provides information on participating physicians who have e-mail links for an initial consultation.


Explains about PhytoZyme, which aids in balancing the digestive process for proper nutrient utilization.

PLink[md]The Plastic Surgery Link

Offers a collection of plastic-surgery[nd]related links. Targets physicians and interested lay readers. Includes hospital web pages, journals, books, and general information.

PPS OnLine[rm]

Online pharmaceutical product ordering and information service. Targets health care professionals. Presents the PPS Onliner Pharma-Response [tm] System, a pharmaceutical information system developed for consumers.

Preview the Heart

Takes you on a complete tour of the human heart, courtesy of The Franklin Institute. Includes many pictures.

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Offers links to mental health information and resources. Provides information on psychiatric diagnosis and on personality disorders and other areas of psychological interest. Offers links to information on psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Includes a personal reading list in areas of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and Jungian psychology.

Psyrix Help-Net and High Performance Consultants

Connects you with highly trained and experienced professionals in clinical and performance psychology. Offers to provide you with advice from experienced psychotherapists from a variety of specialties, including drugs and alcohol, sex and relationships, sleep, anxiety and depression, child and family counseling, medication, and general psychology. Serves as an information resource. Includes trained and registered psychotherapists, psychologists, and other professionals.

Rehabilitation Learning Center

Seeks to create a computer-based multimedia rehabilitation environment designed to educate and train individuals with acute or chronic spinal cord injuries so they can successfully leave the in-patient rehabilitation environment and function in society. Provides information about their plans and progress.

Roxane Pain Institute

Offers cancer and AIDS pain management services. Serves as a resource for pain sufferers and clinicians. Offers educational materials, including newsletters, clinical articles, presentation slides on cancer pain management, and a schedule of upcoming pain management seminars.

Rusty Chambers Insurance Agent[md]Life, DI, Disability, Health

Includes a brief list of insurance products and services. Also offers quotes for any type of insurance.

Society for Medical Decision Making

Focuses on promoting rational and systematic approaches to decisions about health policy and the clinical care of patients. Includes decision analysis, applications of quantitative methods in clinical settings and medical research, studies of human cognition and the psychology of clinical reasoning, medical ethics, medical informatics and decision making, artificial intelligence, evaluation of medical practices, and cost-effectiveness or cost-benefit assessments.

Springboard Health and Nutrition Products

Offers health and nutrition products.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Information Home Page

Provides information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. "This page will grow and evolve as we progress up the learning curve together. Your patience, understanding, and contributions to this page will make it grow into a true network of people and information dedicated to stopping SIDS, the number one killer of infants between the ages of one month and one year." [md] Chuck Mihalko, President, SIDS Network

Swan Medical, Inc.

Provides information about the latest in minimally invasive surgical equipment and instrumentation. Also distributes CooperSurgical, and EuroMed, in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Tapestry Books[md] Adoption/Infertility Book Catalog

Serves as a source for adoption and infertility books and information. Offers the Adoption Book Catalog, which contains more than 275 books on adoption, infertility, and parenting challenges.

Telemedicine Information Exchange[md]TIE

Nonprofit research organization. Provides the Telemedicine Information Exchange (TIE), a database of information on telemedicine.

The Alternative Medicine Homepage from Falk Library of the Health Sciences[md]University of Pittsburgh

Serves as a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, and integrative therapies.

The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society, online.

The Cenikor Foundation, Inc.

Nonprofit organization. Focuses on assisting people develop skills they need to live a lifestyle free from substance abuse. Provides free residential, treatment, education, and prevention services to people over the age of 18.


Serves as place where children who have disabilities can have their own dialogue. Functions primarily as an e-mail exchange through a related listserv. Provides information about this service.

The Chiropractic Page

Primarily serves as a pointer to health-related subjects, focusing on information for chiropractors, students, other health care practitioners, and interested laypersons. Offers many sites and links.

The Complete Guide to Psychology-Related Sites on the Net

Indexes psychology-related sites on the net. Includes universities, journals, and conferences across the Web.

The Digital Anatomist Program

Contains an interactive atlas of the brain and heart (in 2-D and 3-D).

The Good Health Web

Provides daily health news (and an archive), a library of health articles, discussions, and lists of FAQs, newsgroups, and mailing lists.

The Green Page[md]Natural Health/Nutrition

Discusses high-tech natural nutrition and weight management methods.

The Health Connection

Offers health and nutrition news (updated monthly) and a wide variety of unique and hard-to-find natural health products.

The Interactive Patient

Presents a program that allows you to simulate an actual patient encounter, intended as a teaching tool for physicians, residents, and medical students.

The Internal Capsule

Provides resources and information on physical therapy.

The Internet Medical Products Guide

Provides a database of medical product sales and technical information for health care providers.

The Medical Education Page

Targets premed and medical students. Lists medical schools in the United States, offers links to medical reference materials and ftp sites, and provides lists of specialists, and more.

The Natural Health and Nutrition Shop

Provides information about nutritional supplements.

The Osteopathic Source

Targets osteopathic medical students, osteopathic physicians, the allopathic medical community, and people considering medicine as a career.

The People's Place

Provides information and resource listings for health, personal growth, alternative medicine and therapies, healthy eating, fitness, yoga, vegetarianism, macrobiotics, and ayurveda. Also lists resorts, retreats, and related workshops and events.

The Physical Therapy WWW Page

Provides general information about physical therapy.

The Safer Sex Page

Provides safer sex information. Offers short brochures about safer sex, HIV transmission, and condoms, as well as resources for health educators and counselors. Lets you get on a Web Chat, an interactive forum for people who have questions about certain sex subjects.

The World Health Organization Press Releases

Provides information about diseases, natural disasters, and other world catastrophies from the official World Health Organization.

Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction

Provides 3-D Mpeg format movies of the human body, brain, skull, colon, heart, torso, and heart arteries.

To Your Health

Offers nutrition and weight loss tips.

UBC (University of British Columbia) MultiCentre Research Network

Emergency medicine research consortium made up of the emergency medicine research divisions of three teaching hospitals, The Royal Columbian Hospital, St Paul's Hospital and The Vancouver Hospital. Outlines information about the network's current and recent research activities. Also outlines recent publications, abstracts, presentations, and text book chapters. Functions as a "bulletin board" type service, whereby members can post intra-network messages using a password-controlled link. Also offers links to a faculty-wide e-mail directory.

Unites States Public Health Services

Provides information from the United States government about agencies, programs, health information, news and public affairs, and other health-related sites.

Universal Healthcare Distributors

Distributes pharmaceutical, surgical, and medical supplies. Also provides Universal Plus, a clinical pharmacy service.

University of Vermont Department of Neurology

Offers residency training in neurology. Focuses on neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases. Offers many links to neuroscience- and biotechnology-related sites.

Virtual Environments and Real-time Deformations for Surgery Simulation

Focuses on simulating the perceived environment that a surgeon encounters during endoscopic surgery. Offers a large downloadable Mpeg movie.

Vision Impairments: A Guide for the Perplexed

Provides contact information about agencies, consumer groups, internet resources, and vendors of adaptive technology for persons with vision impairments. Covers international resources and resources local to British Columbia and Western Canada. Also carries discussions that cover the experience of vision impairment.

Vitamin Plus

Offers a wide range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many other supplements for sale. Warning: The site suggests that you e-mail your order with your credit card information. Don't do that, it's not safe. Call them at the number listed if you want to order.

Welcome to Acupuncture

Contains information on acupuncture, Oriental and Chinese medicine, herbology, Qi Gong (a.k.a. Chi Kung, Chi Gong, Qi Kung), a practitioner referral list, and a list of accredited schools for Chinese medicine. Also provides state laws regarding acupuncture.

World Health Net

Covers research therapies such as Longevity Institute International, American Acedemy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

World Wide Drugs

Lists medical and pharmaceutical hospitals and sites.

WorldWide Wellness

Provides a database of alternative and wholistic health information and resources. Lists events and expos going on in the Maryland area.



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