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A rock site on the Web. Includes audio clips of the most-played songs.


Provides information available on publishing 3-D comic books. Also lets you just purchase comic books online.

95.7 WQMF 105.9

Includes concert information (around the country) and the joke of the week.

99.5 KISS Rocks San Antonio

Rock station on the web. Features a virtual tour of the station.

A. C. Nielsen Home Page

Tells you all about the ratings system that television and radio stations use to choose programs. Provides information about the services the A. C. Nielsen broadcasting market research firm provides. Includes a virtual store and other information for the busy network executive.

Access ET

Online version of the Electronic Telegraphy, a United Kingdom newspaper. Presents European and international stories. Offers information that has a different slant.

Acoustic Musician Magazine

Online edition of the Acoustic Musician magazine. Covers all aspects of acoustic music for the folk musician. Features a few articles, a music festival guide, the table of contents for the forthcoming issue, and a place to submit letters to the editor Also presents covers of back issues.

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore

Provides many helpful books and maps to plan fun and safe trips around the world.

Advertising Age

Online magazine. Presents images for viewing. Contains archives, ad market information, and a daily top story. Lets you join the AdAge mailing list.

AE Magazine

AE Magazine's site of new movie reviews. Also provides actor biographies and the like.

American Country Collectibles

Provides jumps to descriptions and subscription information for GCR Publishing Group, Inc.'s magazines: American Country Collectibles, Collectibles Flea Market Finds, and Victorian Decorating and Lifestyle magazine. Contains an editorial profile and a guide to where to buy each magazine, as well as table of contents for the current month's issues.

American Wine

American Wine magazine online. Focuses on American Vineyards and their products. Features in-depth listings of wine and wine-related links. Also includes the complete text of the magazine.

Anton's FreeHand Page

Focuses on the illustration program FreeHand. Includes tips and tricks for enhancing Freehand, samples of work, and listservs and discussion groups about FreeHand.

APT Data Group Plc[md]Home Page

Contains the PPC home page. Includes a host of computer-related publications and magazines.


Online magazine. Focuses on scuba diving. Includes classified ads, maps, destination, reviews of products, and lists of training agencies.

Architronic Home Page

Architectural magazine online. apart on the web. Includes archives of past issues and subscription information.

Asia, Inc. Online

Business magazine from Asia online. Includes financial news, the Asia Report, and other information for Asian businesspeople and their followers.

Associated Press

The Associated Press online. Requires free login, but then full access to the AP news wires.

Association of American University Presses

Features an index of university presses and includes a searchable index of books.

Astrology et al Bookstore

Search the online catalog and place orders online.

Atomic Books "Literary Finds for Mutated Minds"

Alternative bookstore online. Features comics, alternative fiction, magazines, and more. Includes online ordering.

AW's HomePage

Addison-Wesley Publishing online. Includes sites of the Addison-Wesley's many divisions and companies. Searchable.

Barnes & Noble Direct

Barnes & Noble bookstore online. Presents selected summaries of titles. Doesn't offer online ordering.


Online quarterly journal of film, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, and perception.

BDD: Home Page

Bantam Doubleday Dell online. Features intimate visits with authors, information about new books, and a daily horoscope.

Blakslee Publishing Home Page

Hypertext Science fiction online. Publishes e-zine serials.

Boardwatch Magazine

Boardwatch magazine online. Focuses on BBSs and the Internet. Provides subscription information (offers the entire publication free online), and enables you to contact the specific departments or editors of the magazine.

Book Stacks[md]Home Page

Online bookstore. Includes the Book Cafe, a virtual coffee shop in which literary discussion occurs.

BookWire[md]The First Place to Look for Book Information

Focuses on books and publishing on the web. Includes indices of book and publishing-related sites, a reading room, the comic of the day, best seller lists, and book reviews.


BookZone, "the Internet source for extraordinary books," enables you to learn more about and order books directly from publishers. Includes works from small, medium-size, and alternative publishers whose works you don't always find in the typical bookstore.

Borders Books and Music

Enables you to search for books and then order them from Borders' large selection of books and magazines. Also provides a list of store locations and lets you browse in person.

BradyGAMES Home Page

Includes a combination of strategies, how-to information, game background, editorial content, valuable "inside" information, interviews with game creators, and more.

Broadcasting Services

Includes information about the broadcast stations at Michigan State.

BRP Publications, Inc.

Provides access to selected articles from more than 20 newsletters that cover the fields of telecommunications, multimedia, data networking, technology, and human resources.

Campus Newspapers on the Internet

Lists student newspapers available on the Internet. Includes listings for dailies, weeklies, and less frequent publications.

Canadian Broadcasting Centre Virtual Tour

Provides a linear tour of the CBC facilities. Offers background on the CBC and photos of the buildings.

Car Collector Home Page

Car Collector magazine online. Features back issues, advertising information, subscription information, and automotive news.

Catalogue Index

Offers multimedia developer books and resources for purchase.

CBS Television Home Page

Features information about current and future CBS programming, CBS news, and "behind the scenes" information about CBS.

Chicago Moving Image Scene

Serves as a resource for media people in Chicago, and around the world. Includes links, phone numbers, and information about media production.

Christian Warehouse

Christian bookstore online. Includes bestselling Christian books and online ordering.


Chronicle of Higher Education's gopher site. Includes archives of back issues as well as current issues.

CineMedia/Multimedia Sites

Index of sites related to multimedia production.

CineMedia/Television Sites

Complete index of television sites online. Includes most networks and stations that are online. Also offers a host of other sites related to media and television.

CLiCK[md]July 1995[md]Cover

CLiCK, an interactive magazine. Enables you to read the magazine online or just find out about events in the interactive media world.


Online book and publisher. Focuses on on dissolving depression.

Cody's Books Home Page

Provides books on parenting. Features information about parenting and children's books. Includes online ordering.

Commercial Multimedia Producers

Online index to companies online and that produce multimedia.

Commercial Publications

Lists of commercial magazines that are on the Internet.

Computer Manuals Online Bookstore

Online bookstore in the United Kingdom. Offers a searchable index of 4,500 titles. Presents reviews of books and lets you make purchases online.

Cond‚ Nast Traveler

Cond‚ Nast Traveler online. Previews the current issue on the newstands, and provides articles for travelers who want to save money.

Croatian Radio Television

Radio free Croatia. Includes information about program schedules and frequencies. Mirrored in Croatian language.

Cyber Cyclist

Web magazine for bicyclists. Includes information about bikes, product reviews, current bicycle events, and other news.


The Air Force online in the form of a magazine. Interesting for military personnel and buffs. Provides information about news and events in the Air Force.

Cyberwest Magazine

The magazine of the American West online. Features articles and offers links about the West.

Derek R. Spencer's Independent Comic Page

Presents comic books by artists who don't have a contract with a mainstream distributor. Offers these hard-to-find, independently produced comics for purchase online.


Features information about the design aspects of desktop publishing. Includes forums for the discussion of issues, files, contact information, and sample information.

Desktop Publishing/Printing GS Home Page

Focuses on desktop publishing. Contains an image bank, a font and software bank, and links to more resources, as well as information on UNB's products.

Deutsche Welle Radio & TV[md]English Home Page

Provides online program schedules and news and other reports.

Dial-A-Book Inc.

Bookstore online. Enables visitors to read the first chapters of available books, including the Bible.

Director Web

Features links and information relating to the multimedia software, Macromind Director. Includes tips and XObjects.

Directory of /pub/info/pagemakr

Contains hundreds of plugins and filters for Aldus Pagemaker.


Presents Director Viewer, the authoring tool. Provides information on the program and its applications.

Dirty Linen

Abridged edition of top American magazine for folk, electric folk, Celtic and world music. Features a selection of articles, reviews, interviews, and letters to the editor from the current issue. Also includes a guide to concerts and festivals.

Discover Magazine

Discover magazine online. Includes text of issues, photos, links related to articles, and a subscription service.

Drama Book Publishers

Focuses on books strictly dedicated to the performing arts. Provides a 1995 catalog for your perusal, in which each entry contains a picture of the book, a synopsis, and book vitals. No ordering online.

DreamLight WebSite

Provides information about multimedia production. Features a virtual demo-reel that explains how each project was done.

DTP Internet Jumplist

Features links to fonts and clip art on the net, a desktop publishing FAQ, and other desktop publishing resources on the Internet.

East View Publications, Inc. Home Page

Offers books, magazines, and newpapers published in Central Europe, the CIS, and former Soviet Union. Offers online delivery of newspapers.

Eastman Kodak Company

Contains a digital image bank for multimedia, a chat forum, and information on products.

Editor & Publisher / Contents

Editor & Publisher magazine online. Offers selected articles from the printed version of the magazine, as well as Web-only content. Offers comprehensive coverage of new media news and trends affecting the newspaper industry.

Electronic Green Journal

Environmental journal online. Contains information about environmental issues. Also lists the contents of the recent issues of the journal.

Electronic Newsstand

Offers sample articles and subscription information for more than 300 magazines.

Elsevier Science[md]Home Page

Contains extensive information about publishing. Includes books about writing and publishing.

Esperfonto System for Will-Harris House

Focuses on desktop publishing. Helps visitors choose the best font for a job. Interactive.

Esselte Online

Letraset, Dymo, ITC, DeskTop, and Esselte online. Offers free fonts and demos of products from these publishers.

Experimental Service, TeX Information

Offers archives, typefaces, and add-ons TeX and LaTeX publishing programs.

Family World HomePage

Offers selections from more than 40 monthy publications on parenting. Offers links to Internet resources for parents, children and schools.

FCC Welcome Page

Federal Communications Commission online. Serves as a forum for public discussion concerning FCC issues (including broadcasting). Contains current legislation, full text of relevant speeches, agenda, and the FCC daily digest. Also lists of e-mail addresses to which to send comments and concerns about television.

FH: Canada Travel Home Page

Canada Travel magazine online. Provides information about travel to Canada. Offers information you should have if you want to plan a trip to Canada.

Financial Times Group

Offers highlights from Financial Times, news, and stock indices, updated daily.


Online magazine for multimedia designers.

FiX[md]Funkier Than Blown Vinyl

Exemplifies twenty-somethings on the net. Resembles a coffee shop, somewhat pretentious and smoke-filled, frequently raunchy[md]but interesting nonetheless.

Flinn Broadcasting[md]Sports 56 WHBQ

Presents all sports, all the time. Includes information about this Memphis station and many sports-related Internet links.

Flinn Broadcasting[md]Unforgettable 1430

Features senior links[md]links to the Frank Sinatra home page[md]and the Senior Computer Informaton Project.

Folk Roots Home Page

Condensed, electronic version of Folk Roots. Features their guide to folk and world music events in Britain and Europe, CD reviews, charts and lists of best selling music, a playlist from Folk Routes radio program on the BBC World Service, a complete table of contents from the current issue, and much more.

Fortran Journal

Fortran Journal online. Includes simple form to order the magazine and an in-depth description of the magazine.

FOX Broadcasting

Focuses on the FOX television network. Includes contact information, program information, links to other sites that relate to FOX programming, and other information related to the fourth network.

Fractal Design Corporation

Contains information on Fractal Design Corporation's products, technical support, and examples.

Free Range: Home Page

Features a tips and hints section.

Fr‚quence Banane WWW Server

Swiss station on the net. Also presents French and English language version, but the sound files are in French.

Future Fantasy Bookstore[md]Home Page

Fantasy and science fiction bookstore online. Enables you to search the inventory, order online (pay off line), check out some cover graphics, and read the newsletter. Offers jumps to books that have home pages.[md]Index

.net magazine online. Covers Internet-related topics. Features their a news page. Provides an Internet tutorial, job listings, and back issues. Also provides articles online that don't appear in the published magazine.


fX, "the worlds first living network" presents its Web presence. Offers programming information, information about the fX apartment, host interaction, and usenet discussion groups.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Presents Gazette Online, an electronic version of Poland's largest daily newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza.

GIFs Directory

Contains an archive of GIF photos, sorted by date or alphabetically (according to category).

Glass Wings: Sensual Celebrations

Online magazine. Focuses on the sensual side of humanity.

Golf Channel

The Golf channel online. Features program schedules and other golf information.

Good Medicine Magazine

Good Medicine Magazine online. Provides stories and information, such as guided imagery, holistic skin and body care, Reiki (energy healing), and network chiropractice. Propones that holistic and traditional Western medicine should be combined and considered together as "medicine."

Graphic Design (General Products and Services)

Contains links and information about all aspects of graphic design[md]articles, software, businesses, and more.

Graphics and Desktop Publishing

Online magazine. Reviews products and systems that relate to desktop publishing.

Grass Roots Magazine

Grass Roots magazine online. Includes feature articles, text of speeches, and links to other environmental sites.

Great Lakes Skier Magazine

Skiing magazine online. Includes articles and contact information for a subscription. Includes a few skiing links.

H A Y W O O D + S U L L I V A N

Provides information about the company, the clients, and sections on scanning tips and design tips.

Hampton's Travel Book & Travel Guide Summary

Offers extensive references to travel books and resources. Includes online ordering.

HarperCollins Publishers Home Page

HarperCollins online. Includes information about Best Sellers, New Releases, and an online bookstore.

Harvard Advocate Home Page

Venerable literary site on the net from Harvard. Offers many links to other online literary resources.

Hayden Books

Hayden Books online. Publishes Adobe Press Books as well as books that focus on Macintosh computers and Macintosh programs. Features a Macintosh tip of the day.

High Country News Home Page

High Country News online. Reports bi-weekly on the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities.

Home Page of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Provides information about the CPB. Includes press releases, contact information, WWW listings of interest to the CPB, and news articles about the CPB.


Focuses on children's books. Encompasses a wide variety of themes and subject areas for children of all cultural backgrounds.

Houghton Mifflin Company

Houghton Mifflin Company online. Publishes educational books and materials. Includes links to subsidiaries.


Provides a collection of shareware programs and utilities for the desktop publisher. Includes clip art collections.

Humber College Radio Broadcasting

Offers a collection of links related to college radio and low power radio stations. Includes course outlines for the Humber College radio program.

IMS: Radio France International

Provides users with information about French radio. Includes French audio with translation and daily news reports in French.

Index of /InteractiveArt

Contains an index and repository of interactive art and screen shots.

Index to Multimedia Information Sources

Serves as an index to multimedia information of all types, including current events in multimedia, guides, media archives, bibliographies, digital galleries, and commercial services.


Monkeywrench Press online. Caters to the anarchist in all of us. Features information about authors and current books.


Combines a coffee shop and a bookstore. Includes searchable and orderable books and indices. Audio books are also available


Provides news summaries about business, sports, and headlines. Features industry spotlights for the business surfer.

Information Superlibrary

Macmillan Publishing presents this site as a resource to the many computer books it publishes. Provides information on books published by Que, SAMS, New Riders, Brady, and Hayden, and lets you review sample chapters of the latest computer book and order that book online. Enables you to subscribe to The SuperLibrary Newsletter, a monthly that offers a wide variety of articles and features. Contains hundreds of Macmillan programs and software packages.

INFOSEARCH * Broadcasting Links

Lists hundreds of broadcasting links alphabetically. Includes equipment, stations, networks, lobbying groups, and entertainment.


Lists publishing sites on the net.

InfoVid Outlet: Art & Graphic Design

Offers a descriptive price list of educational videos about art and graphic design. Offers online ordering.

Inquisitor Mediarama

Exemplifies the twenty-something cyberculture on the Web.

Interactive Age Home Page

Interactive Age Magazine online. Focuses on tracking electronic Commerce. Enables you to contact the magazine staff, find out the 100 best business Web sites, use their hot link section, or look at their traffic analysis of the most visited Internet sites. Also features daily articles online for registered users.

Interactive Graphics Generation Page

Presents an interactive graphics rendering engine.


Presents a page from a company that produces interactive multimedia. Provides the company's portfolio.

International Pages

The Dutch public broadcasting system's Web site. Includes program information and other information about the Netherlands.

Internet Disaster Information Center

Offers information about ongoing disasters, historical information about disasters, and links to other disaster sites on the net.

Internet Resources[md]Cable Television

Presents an index of Web sites relating to cable television and the cable TV industry. Features listings of stations, legal issues, technical issues, and provides content information.

InterText: The Online Fiction Magazine

Monthy online fiction magazine. Contains short stories. Features five authors whose work has been published in this magazine and have won awards.

Iowa State Daily Home Page II

Iowa State's newspaper online. Includes up-to-date versions of the paper as well as valuable supplemental information. Features a section entitled, "How to put a newspaper on the Web."

IPL Books

An Internet library, complete with information about books and authors in specific genres. Concentrates on children's literature, comics, horror, nonfiction, and romance.

iWORLD Home Page

Meckler Media online. Offers many links and provides information. Includes a newstand.

JAZZ FM98 KiFM, San Diego

Contemporary jazz online. Includes program listings, station information, and many other jazz-related links.

JEST Home Page

JEST (Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics) online. Includes very humorous looks at science.


Offers links to 16 computer-related magazines on the net. Includes Communications Week, Windows Magazine, Electronic Buyer's News, Electronic Engineering Times, Net Guide, Home PC, Computer Reseller News, Computer Retail Week, Informatiques Magazine, VarBusiness, OEM Magazine, Network Computing, InfomationWeek, to name 13 of them. Also includes a virtual tour.

K102 Radio

Offers country music on the Web. Includes program guides, concert reviews, and other information for the country and western fan.

Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop

Focuses on desktop publishing, particularly on KPT and Photoshop. Also features stock photos and other items. Includes the 23 KPT tips directly from Kai.

KGTV Home Page

One of the few ABC affiliates on the net. Provides information about the San Diego area. Includes the executive news summary, a listing of daily news headlines, and more.

KKLI Lite 106.3 FM

Focuses on lite music. Includes music and information about this station from Colorado.

KLON'S JazzAvenue Jazz Information Service

Features include a biography of featured artist (updated daily), a weekly top 20, CD covers and track listings, and weekly playlists. Also provides local concert information, and a list of Los Angeles area jazz venues.

Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc.

Offers links to Knowledge Industry's magazines: AV Video, Multimedia Producer, and Tape/Disc Business. Also sports links to companies in the audio visiual and multimedia fields.

Koinonia House

Christian book Publisher online. Includes information about books and magazines and offers links to other Christian sites on the Internet.

KROCK 101.5 Thee Rock of N.E. Kansas

Lets you request music and then (if possible) listen to it later. Also contains links to other music sites and a list of regional concerts.

KZSU Radio

Stanford University radio station. Includes lists of other noncommercial stations around the country and in the Bay area. Features information about current programs and airplay charts.

Language and Literature

Contains links to pages and information on genres, particular authors, bookstores, and publishers.

Latin American Bookstore

Latin American bookstore online. Carries a wide variety of academic publications from Latin America and Spain. Includes a link to the University of Guadlajara and offers links to United States centers for Latin America study.


Provides information on information retrieval from online libraries.

LIFE Photo Home Page

The magazine that pioneered photojournalism has reimagined itself for cyberspace. Visually stunning site. Includes many images.

List of Animation Houses

Contains a list of animation houses. Includes addresses and phone numbers.

List of Lists

Matterform Media, a software and design company, online. Presents examples of work, links to other pages, and an introduction to graphic design.

Little, Brown & Company

Little, Brown & Company publishing company online. Features reviews and summaries of current books.

Living Poets, EJournal Home Page

Online magazine. Presents new poetry on the Web.

Low Power Broadcasting FAQ

Provides information about starting your own low power radio station.

MacNet Journal

Contains MacNet Journal. Lets you suggest ideas on improving the Macintosh operating system, peruse a free help wanted page, obtain guidelines for submitting articles, and search past issues. Also lets you also browse the current issue or subscribe (it's free).

Macworld Online Web Server

MacWorld online. Lets you search past issues, read articles. Also provides Internet tips.

Make Your Scanner a Great Design and Production Tool

Contains information about a book all multimedia beginners might want to check out, a book that provides detailed information on the best way to scan objects and use art in graphic design.

MC's ftp stuff

Focuses on Macromedia Director. Offers a downloadable collection of XObjects (addin programs), authoring tips, shareware, and examples of work done using Director.

McGraw Hill

Online bookstore. Enables you to browse through McGraw Hill titles.

Mercury Center Home Page

The San Jose Mercury online. Offers in-depth coverage of news events and utilizes hypertext links within stories.


Electronic magazine. Focuses on multimedia and design. Provides much information.

Mobilia Magazine

Mobilia magazine online. Focuses on the worlds of motoring and collecting. Lets you read it online and offers subscription information.

Money & Investing Update[md]Welcome

The Wall Street Journal online. A free subscription lets business surfers access the daily Wall Street Journal.

Monitor Radio

The Christian Science Monitor Radio Program online. Includes program information and a behind-the-scenes look at Monitor Radio.

Moon Travel Home Page

Combines travel information with interactivity (pictures, sound) training to give prospective travelers to Hawaii a preview of what awaits them in Hawaii. Includes online ordering of other travel books, plus information about travel to foreign destinations.

Motorcycle Online

Online magazine. Covers all aspects of motorcycles. Includes reviews, pictures, and tours.

The Music Television Network online. Provides information about current MTV programs, including images, sounds, and movie clips.

Multimedia Authoring Web

Provides a collection of links and information about multimedia authoring.

Multimedia Information

The Sunsite Multimedia Information page. Features links to multimedia information on the net, images, sounds, and movies relating to multimedia development.

Multimedia Newsstand home

Offers a collection of subscription information and forms for more than 500 magazines, books, and videos. Also contains a number of different contests sponsored by the various magazines.

Multimedia Page

Lists sites relating to all aspects of multimedia production.

Muse Magazine

Online magazine. Focuses on women in music. Features CD reviews, book reviews, and the full text of the magazine.

My Local Home Page

Online digital service bureau. Offers to print or make negatives of your digital file. Offers downloadable services and price list.

NAB Home Page

National Association of Broadcasters. Contains information about the NAB's activities, including legislative and regulatory information, information about the NAB conventions, a resource library, and more.

National Student Television Association

Offers links all over the world for student broadcasting.

Natural History Book Service[md]Home Page

British online bookstore. Focuses on natural history, books on environmental issues, and science books. Provides information in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

NCS Career Magazine

Career online. Offers listings of available jobs and employers contact information. Includes a search engine.

Net Traveler

Contains Net Traveler magazine. Provides information about their list of sites and tools. Offers links to brand new things to hit the Internet. Includes a collection of links to sites of importance, as well as a files archive.

Netsurfer Digest Home Page

Provides current information about the newest and coolest sites on the net.

New Riders

New Riders Publishing online. Produces books about the Internet, graphics and multimedia, and networking.

NewsLink Menu

Offers a free service that provides access to many online newspapers, periodicals, and so on, around the world every day.

Newspaper / Diario LA NACION[md]San Jose, Costa Rica

Presents news in Spanish. La Nacion, the largest newspaper in Costa Rica, provides news and information of Central America and the world.

Newspaper Internet Services

Provides you with a means for determining whether your local newspaper offers links to the Internet, and if so, for getting to them.

Newsshare Corporation

Supplies interactive media products to newspapers, broadcasters, and the public.

NHK Home Page

Provides information about the NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Company) Broadcasting Center, the Science and Technical Research Labs, and the Broadcasting Culture Research Institute. Offers a Japanese language version.

NHK International TV Broadcasting

Provides the program guide and listing for the International TV Broadcasting Section of NHK. Includes satellite transponder numbers. Also offers a Japanese language version.

Nightclub and Bar Magazine

Contains helpful information about starting your own bar. Also provides information if you own or currently run one. Includes bar links.

NJOnline Weather

The Old Farmers Almanac online. Includes weather forecasts for the United States, helpful tips, and other information[md]just like the hard copy.

Norwegian Bookshop Home Page

Norwegian bookshop online. Provides Norwegian books or books about Norway. Also includes information about Norwegian language and education.

NOS TeleTekst

Dutch Broadcasting Service. Provides a clickable interface to news and other information off the Dutch wire services. Includes English menus but the provides the articles in Dutch.

NPR Online

National Public Radio online. Provides information about NPR and other topics. Includes audio version of daily noon news casts, transcripts of of other programs, and in-depth looks at current events.

O'Reilly Home Page

Acts as a source for computer books about topics such as UNIX, TCP/IP, and the Internet.

Oceanography[md]The Magazine

Does not contain full text versions of the articles but does list the table of contents and biography information about editors of the magazine.

Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Page

Focuses on radio programs from "radio's golden age." Contains pointers to many entertaining and educational areas for fans of nostalgic radio shows.

Online Access Web Edition

Contains Online Access magazine. Serves as a guide to online services, bulliten boards, and the Internet. Offers an online events catalog of events happening in cyberspace, a list of the magazines links, and a monthly column devoted to ground breaking shareware software. Also offers subscription information.

Online Center for Continuous Improvement

Offers information about books, newsletters, consulting, and training that supports continuous improvement. Features include free excerpts from leading management books, an information search capability, testimonials, authors' biographies, and an online catalog.

Online Educator

Offers lesson plans, sample articles from the Online Educator magazine, and many other resources. Offers the magazine itself for subscription in both print and electronic forms.

Other Change of Hobbit Bookstore[md]Home Page

Science fiction and fantasy bookstore online. Features new releases, online ordering, and other information.


Gay weekly paper. Presents news and information.

Outside Online

Offers sections on news, going places, activities, and gear for the outdoor enthusiast.

Page de France

French bookstore online (bilingual: French and English). Features books about France and books in French.

Pan Asian Publications Home Page

The source for Asian Publications online. Provides searching and online ordering.

Penthouse on the Internet

Penthouse online. Features an Internet edition of the magazine and contains many images. Also includes an erotic toy store.


Indexes organizations, conferences, and people involved in design.

Personal Technology Home Page

Features the personal technology section from The Wall Street Journal. Provides information related to technology and contains archival data.


Monthly Liberal Magazine from Harvard University. Recent issues have focused on the Web.


Burrelle's Transcripts, a leading transcription company for more than 20 years, provides transcripts and, where indicated, videotapes, of more than 75 news, public affairs, health, and talk shows.

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine

Phoenix Home & Garden's online magazine. Serves as a resource for gardening, travel, and the unique history of the region. Sponsors successful gardening, furniture, and lifestyle shows.

Playboy Home Page[md]Open Your Mind

Playboy magazine online. Includes interviews, reviews, and a Playboy forum. Very few images.

Playboy TV

Playboy Channel's Web site. Includes program information and previews of upcoming shows. No images.


Focuses on the concert industry. Features listings of current tours and other information.

Polonia Bookstore, Chicago

Polish American bookstore online. Provides information about books in Polish, books about Poland in English, and more. Includes Polish video and music titles. Also offers links to other Polish sites.

Popular Science Magazine

Electronic version of Popular Science magazine. Aims to be the most timely and authoritative source of enlightened and practical information about what's new in science and technology.

PowerPC News

Online bi-weekly magazine. Features current news about major companies that produce PowerPC microprocessors, software that runs on the PowerPC chip, and products that incorporate the chip. Lets you sign up for an e-mail version of the magazine.

Prentice Hall Home Page

Publishes college textbooks and technical books. Offers Prentice Hall's online catalog of books and information, as well as links to their gopher site and to fun Internet sites, including other Viacom sites.

Publishers' Catalogues Home Page

Provides a listing of publishers from all over the world and their home pages, indexed by country.

Putnam Berkley Online

Features a virtual environment in which you can examine the books and explore the "cafe."

Que's Home Page

QUE publishes books on every major category of personal computer technology, from end-user applications to programming languages, from the Internet to new hardware and software technologies. The home page provides information about the technology you've come to depend on, and explains how you can gain access to QUE computer books.

Radio Centro

Contains listings and information about Spanish language radio stations.

Radio HK

Honk Kong Radio. Broadcasts exclusively into the Internet, real-time and non-stop. Provides information in addition to the real-time radio broadcasts.


Provides information about Japanese radio. Includes transmission maps and program schedules.

Radio Prague

Radio Prague provides information about radio programming and offers audio broadcasts of radio programs.

RadioActivo 98.5 FM

Mexico City Radio online. Focuses on hard rock radio. Presents site in Spanish.

RadioSpace Home Page

Serves as a resource for radio station programming and news staffs. Provides ready-for-broadcast sound bites, news, and programming.

RadioWorld Europe

Includes a listing of radio stations in Europe that are online. Also includes a listing of radio networks in Europe

Random House

Features a smattering of information, but includes the Del Rey Books (science fiction and fantasy) home page and the Knopf Publishing Group's home page.

RealAudio: ABC News

Offers ABC Radio news, available with the RealAudio player. Lets you download audio files of daily news broadcasts.

Rob's Multimedia Lab (RML)

Offers multimedia in the loosest, or perhaps strictest, sense. Includes links to sites about movies, images, interface, sounds, and much more.


Includes album and concert reviews. Offers many rock-related links.


Online book store and publisher. Specializes in computer books. Offers more than 8,000 books for purchase online.

RTE To Everywhere Home Page

Provides audio files of news stories from Irish Public Radio. Provides alternative information about Ireland.

RTHK on Internet Home Page

Radio Television Hong Kong provides program schedule information and content information.

SAMS Home Page

Sams Publishing online. Produces professional references on computer topics. Specializes in programming books. Also features recent titles on emerging technologies.

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion

Features a real-time program guide, in-depth information about the programs, an interactive television experiment, and a programming grid.

Science Fiction Resource Guide

Serves as a guide to all science fiction resources on the Net. Covers fiction, role-playing games, publishing, conventions, and more.

Scripps Howard Home Page

Presents the media giant on the Web. Scripps Howard owns 18 daily newspapers and 9 TV stations and a host of other stuff you might want to check out.

Sea Frontiers

Oceanography journal online. Contains full text versions of articles from recent editions.



Provides information about stamps and stamp books.

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography

Online magazine. Targets the desktop publisher. Features sample articles, subscription information, and desktop publishing links on the Internet.

Shogakukan Home Page

Shogakukan publishes magazines for children, comic magazines, weeklies, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and art books. Features Japanese links, books, and magazines. Provides English and Japanese language versions.

Shortwave/Radio Catalog (Page 1)

Provides shortwave and radio hobbyists informative and timely links to services and information related to shortwave listening (SWL), satellite radio, and other topics on or about radio.

Small Media and Large

Independent publisher of gay and lesbian books. Also features feminist books. Offers online ordering.

Software Net Product Menu

Lets you order desktop publishing and graphics software online.

South African Broadcasting Corporation Welcome Page

South African Broadcasting online. Provides many phone numbers and other information. Includes sports scores and news services.

Stellar Business: Worldwide Edition

Contains articles about business and the Net.

Strangelove Internet Enterprises

Internet business publishing, consulting, and training organization. Includes information on their book How to Advertise on the Internet, and on their publication, The Internet Business Journal.


Software company whose programs are used to create 3-D models and animations. Provides information on products, technical support, and online ordering.

Tharunka Home

Australian university student magazine. Offers a different angle on the news (that is often funny).

The Association of America's Public Television Stations (APTS)

Contains information about public television, including FAQs, subscriber information, station lists, and programming information. Also offers a repository for news articles that relate to public television.

The Astronomer Magazine

A British pubication online. Targets the advanced amateur but still contains items for beginners. Contains information on comets, asteroids, supernovae, and a variety of other topics that pertain to astronomy.

The Audiobook Source

Audiobooks online. Lets you search the catalog and place orders for more then 7,000 titles.

The Christian Broadcasting Network

The 700 Club online. Offers press releases, viewer guides, fact sheets, information on prayer lines, and links to recommended Web sites.

The Daily Tar Heel

Provides access to news wires online.

The Felix Culpa Home Page

Australian student magazine. Provides in-depth content.

The Information SuperLibrary

Macmillan Publishing's Web site. Contains a host of information about computer publishing, Surveys, books, news releases, searchable indices, and training information. Offers links to New Riders Publishing's.

The Interactive Group

Produces interactive products.

the Internet Writer Resource Guide

Provides a guide to writing on the Internet. Includes a list of who accepts e-mail submissions, a FAQ, and tips on how to improve your writing.

The Journal of Online Law

Discusses the legal issues raised by the Internet.

The KPT Backgrounds Archive

Contains an archive of backgrounds for your desktop. Also includes a tutorial for creating your own backgrounds.

The Logical Alternative[md]Front Door

Online magazine. Targets multimedia authors. Contains reviews, tips, and other information.

The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

A limited edition of Howard Rheingold's Whole Earth Catalog online. Provides many online excerpts from the catalog book.

The MoJo Wire

Mother Jones (magazine) online. Provides insightful information with a Mother Jones slant.

The Oklahoma Daily Online

Independent student paper from Oklahoma. Provides up-to-date information during the schoolyear.

The Omnivore

Provides a free daily news service designed to quickly and concisely deliver coverage of events around the world as they happen (uncensored news, straight from the source and original point of view). Provides many links to other news services.

The Online Books Page

Offers full text versions of hundreds of books. Also includes links related to English literature.

The Online Islamic Bookstore[md]Home Page

Online bookstore. Features Islamic books, music, and CD-ROMs. Offers online ordering.

The PM Zone

Popular Mechanics online. Provides movies, pictures, and information about new and useful products and technology.

The QVC Local

Home Shopping on the net. Enables you to meet the hosts, sample the current products, and see what is coming up.

The Satellite TV Page

Provides information about satellite television, including lists of equipment suppliers, networks, and other information.

The St Petersburg Press Home Page

English language weekly newpaper from St.Petersburg, Russia. Covers news, business news, commentary, culture, and classifieds.

The Stanford Daily Home Page

Provides a good example of daily newspapers available on the Internet. Contains news and information.

The Tech

MIT bi-weekly student newspaper. Provides articles, including national news wires.

The Tolkien Timeline

Offers a chronological list of important events relating to Tolkien's life, career, and scholarly pursuits, and attempts to provide a clearer picture of this astounding man.

The Wall Street Journal Link

Provides an online advertising directory of The Wall Street Journal. Contains links to advertiser Web sites and e-mail addresses.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Broadcasters

Provides a list of international broadcasting sites. Focuses mainly on radio and TV, but includes other information, too.

Thistle and Shamrock Stations List at the Ceolas Archive

Provides a list of stations arranged alphabetically by state and city. Broadcasts a popular Celtic music radio program on National Public Radio. Includes broadcast times.

Time Daily News Summary

Provides one paragraph summaries of current stories and provides a searching engine you can use for a more in-depth look.

Time Life Explorer

Contains a visual database of all the Time-Life products. Lets you browse and order products.

Tokyo Journal

English magazine from Japan.

Tor SF and Fantasy

TOR online. Publishes science fiction and fantasy books. Includes links to other science fiction and fantasy sites on the Web, offers a browsable database of books, and allows online ordering.

Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly online. Serves the travel agency community. Includes feature articles. Also offers hundreds of links to sites associated with hotels, airlines, railroads, and tour operators.

TravelASSIST Magazine

Online magazine. Contains articles on travel and travel spots around the United States and the world. Includes back issues for online reading.

TV Net

Contains a television index.


Provides what's on tonight. Lets you view programs by time, channel, or grid format.

TV2 / DANMARKs ugeprogrammer

TV2/Denmark (schedules, in Danish).

Typofile Magazine[md]Home

Online magazine. Focuses on type and its uses. Includes articles and links to other type and desktop publishing sites.

United Paramount Network

United Paramount Network's unofficial home page. Includes background information about the fledgling network and offers information and links to pages of its more popular programs. Also provides you the chance to meet the executives of the UPN.

United States Local TV

Provides easy access to local television stations. Lets you click on your state to see which local stations are on the Net.

UNIX News International

Contains the current issue of Unix News International, a monthly publication about UNIX systems.

Urban: The Latino Magazine

Lets you browse back issues and read the current issue of Urban: The Latino Magazine. Serves as a good resource online. Offers subscriptions.

USIA International Broadcasting

The United States Information Agency. Provides information about Voice of America and other programs.

UT Science Bytes

Online hypertext magazine. Focuses on on UT scientists' research projects. Describes the projects at a level appropriate for elementary school students and links any unfamiliar words or concepts to a definition or explanation.

Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site

Videomaker magazine online. Includes a product search engine, back issues, and other information about camcorders and video.

Virtual Pathways

Backpacking magazine online. Includes reviews of trails and locations around the United States.

Vocal Point

High school newspaper online. Offers monthly news from a teens perspective.

Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Page

Serves as a guide to English literature, both British and American. Covers many genres and time periods, in addition to literary theory and minority literature. Also furnishes a search engine.


Voyager online. Produces books on CD-ROM. Includes an online catalog.

Walls and Ceilings Magazine

Contains the official publication of the walls and ceilings industry: Walls & Ceilings Magazine. Serves contractors, suppliers, and distributors. Contains a virtual library of features on specialty subjects and offers links to an online bookstore and virtual library.

Warning! Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

A zany Web site from the folks at Comedy Central. Provides information about Comedy Central's programs.

Wave~Length Paddling Network

Kayaking and Paddling magazine online. Includes archives of past articles and current issues with pictures.

Weather Watch Magazine

Weather Watch magazine online. Provides information about the magazine and offers current weather information.

Web Review Cover-August 1* 1995

Online magazine. Focuses on the Web and all its parts.

Web Week Home Page

Contains WebWeek Magazine. Targets Web developers. Offers an online-only column every Monday. Also previews the printed issues and lets you read some of the articles.

Welcome KDFC

Classical music online. Offers links to other classical music sites around the Internet.

Welcome to Books

Offers more than one million books online and ready for purchase. Features the Personal Notification Service[md]if you're waiting for a title to come out in paperback, they'll send you mail when it does.

Welcome to BBC Radio

BBC Radio online. Contains information about program schedules and information about specific programs carried on the BBC radio network.

Welcome to BBC Television

BBC online. Includes information about program schedules and information about specific programs, divided by program type.

Welcome to Carbon 14

Online magazine. Focuses on underground music in all its forms. Features interactive graphics and samples from currently featured albums.

Welcome to Computer Shopper

Provides an online edition of the current Computer Shopper magazine. Lets you search through the advertisers for the lost prices on computer components, or browse through current and past articles.

Welcome to Corel

Corporate home page for Corel Corporation. Contains information about the company and its line of graphics and home software. Offers links to Corel's FTP site, press releases, and the Corel knowledge base of techical support information.

Welcome to CorelNet

Focuses on Corel Prodcuts such as CorelDRAW! and CorelVentura. Lets you chat with users and authors who have written about Corel products; download software patches, shareware, and utilities; and learn the latest tips and tricks.

Welcome To HotWired!

Wired! online. Includes information not found in the paper version of the magazine. Offers many links.

Welcome To I-Channel

International Channel provides multilanguage programming featuring more than 20 different languages from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Welcome to Infobahn Magazine

Contains Infobahn magazine, a publication devoted to covering the Internet from a cultural point of view. Lets you sign up for a free trial issue, contact the editors, get advertising information and prices, and find out how to submit articles.

Welcome to Macromedia

Contains information and support files for Macromedia's line of graphic and multimedia authoring tools. Also focuses on information, news, and resources for the graphics arts community.

Welcome to

Provides in-depth news coverage and up-to-date information.

Welcome to Pathfinder

Time Warner's site. Offers links to Time online, Sports Illustrated online, Money Magazine online, and more.

Welcome to PBS

The Public Broadcasting Service Web site provides access to information about PBS, national programming, learning services, local PBS stations, and the PBS store, at which you can buy videos.

Welcome to the Internet Book Shop

Claims to be the largest bookstore online.

Welcome to the Internet World Homepage

Contains Internet World magazine. Lets you view some of the articles of the current newsstand issue, search back issues, get subscription information, and find out about advertisers. Also features a weekly online collection of news.

Welcome to USA TODAY

USA Today online. Features headlines, subscription information, and daily news reports.

Welcome to ZD Net

Ziff-Davis publishes many computer magazines. Provides articles and information about computers, as well as links to other Ziff-Davis publications, including PC Magazine, PC Week, Mac Week, Mac User, Computer Life, and more.


The Discovery Channel online in conjunction with The Learning Channel. Serves as an educational supplement to their programming. Provides members with supplemental information about the programs that air on each network.

West Publishing

West Publishing online, a legal and educational publisher. Includes information on their products. Lets you use West's Legal Directory to find a lawyer, law firm, or corporate or governmental lawyer located in the United States or Canada.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Presents a cartoon published weekly on the Web. Provides cartoons published in the last five weeks. Tells fans about ordering books and T-shirts.

White House Press Release Summaries Home Page

Presents news from the White House. Lets you read the same press releases from the president that the network reporters do.

Wild West Revival Mercantile

Online Christian bookstore. Sells books, music, clothing, jewelry, artworks and software. Features an online catalog. Also offers links to other Christian organizations and sites.

Wood Radio Limited Partnership

Wood Radio, out of West Michigan, provides information about the station and the region.

World Traveler Books and Maps

Features travel books online, organized by geographic region. Also offers a selection of maps. Includes links to many travel-related resources.

WTAW News/Sports/Talk 1150 AM

Includes an image of Rush Limbaugh and advertisers' prices.

WWW Multimedia Law

Contains information on multimedia law. Offers links to multimedia law firms and publications, as well as information on recent court decisions effecting the multimedia world.

WWW VL: Literature/IBIC Virtual Review of Books

Provides an index of book reviews on the Internet, including general and specialized subjects.

WXRT Home Page

Radio station online. Includes Chicago community information, staff biographies and other information.

YLE ohjelmatiedot

Finland radio and television. Provides YLE ohjelmatiedot (TV and radio schedules, in Finish).

Z Central 950805

Swedish online magazine.

Zarahemla Book Shoppe

Online bookstore. Provides Mormon books. Lets you browse the CD-ROM offerings. Offers links to Mormon-related sites.




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