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Music Links

29th Montreux Jazz Festival Official Site

Covers an international jazz festival held in Montreux, Switzerland, every year. Contains general festival information, programs, artists' photos and bios, band lineups, a catalog of festival merchandise, and more.

Abayudaya Jews in Uganda: Music

Documents the songs of the Abayudaya people of Uganda, who converted to Judaism in the 1920's. Contains several audio files of songs, most of which are versions of American-Jewish songs. Also offers more information on the Abayudaya people.


Provides information on accordions and all free reed instruments. Includes where to purchase instruments, where to study, and where to get accordion music. Also includes a bibliography of books about accordions.

Addicted To Noise

Includes interviews with major artists like R.E.M., Veruca Salt, and Primus. Features groups like the MC5, Oasis, Wilco, and Elastica. Provides columns by rock critics, including Dave Marsh and Greil Marcus. Offers daily rock news reports. Serves as a guide to rock spots on the web. Also offers album reviews with sound bytes, movie reviews, rock book reviews, and music and technology columns.

African Music: Music from Africa and the African Diaspora

Contains information on African and African-influenced music and musicians from all over the world, including South America and the Caribbean. Includes articles, artist profiles, and sound samples. Also offers links to the home pages of the various countries. Provides text in English and Spanish.

Afropop Worldwide

Presents the popular African/world music program on National Public Radio online. Provides information on African music in general. Features a station guide and program listings, as well as concert schedules, suggested disc lists, artist photos, and even recipes.

Agnetha, Benny, Bj”rn & Anni-Frid's home page

Serves as a source for all the ABBA lyrics. Also includes pictures and links to other ABBA pages on the Web.

Ain't Whistlin' Dixie

Offers a collection of Irish, Scottish, and English traditional tunes played on the pennywhistle and ocarina. Provides a sample audio file that gives you a few seconds of the tune.


Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Contains information about the organization whose stated mission is "to foster, encourage, educate, and cultivate a general appreciation of the medium of jazz music. . . ." Includes information on jazz events and on their museum.

American Music Center

Nonprofit contemporary music information and resource center. Provides lists of scores, opportunities for composers and performers, information on grants, and more.

Amy Grant Site in College Park, MD

Provides information on Amy Grant, including a page of technical merit and the CDLink Voyager page, which lets you play your CDs in a whole new way.

An Excess of INXS

Includes INXS biographies, discographies, lyrics, pictures, guitar tabs, digital songs, and more.

Ari Davidow's Klezmer Page

Focuses on a blend of traditional Jewish folk music and jazz. Contains articles on Klezmer, artist profiles, CD reviews, concert and festival information, a guide to radio programs, contact information for Klezmer musicians, links to locations that you can purchase Klezmer CDs, and record company addresses.

Arizona Jazz, Rhythm and Blues Festival

Offers complete schedules and ticket information for this fairly new jazz and blues event held in Flagstaff and brought to you by the organizers of the famous Telluride Jazz Festival. Also provides information on travel and accommodations.

Arto Wikla's Music page

Provides information for lute players and early music enthusiasts. Includes articles on lute playing, transcriptions of lute pieces, photos of lutes, and links to many other early music sites.

Australian Folk Songs

Presents a collection of more than 100 Australian folk songs. Includes sheet music, sound samples, lyrics, and annotations about each song. Contains an alphabetical title index, a glossary of terms, and a chronological list of songbooks.

Bali & Beyond Home Page

Contains information on Gamelan music in general (a form of Indonesian orchestral music characterized by gongs, chimes, and percussion), and Balinese and Javanese Gamelan in particular. Also offers some technical information on musical scales and structure and a glossary of Indonesian music terms.

Banjo Tablature Archive

Contains banjo tablatures in a variety of musical styles, including classical, bluegrass, and jazz.

Banjo Tabs

Contains a collection of banjo tablatures and a variety of other banjo and bluegrass-related information. Also includes banjo jokes and cartoons, as well as tour and festival dates.

Bay Area Celtic Music Calendar

Offers a calendar that serves as a guide to concerts, festivals, and events, for local residents and visitors to the area.

Be Happy or Die!

Focuses on the techno group Art of Noise. Includes a complete discography with covers of each album above the track titles. Also includes a summary of all information from the liner notes in each album.

Beastie Boys[md]Grand Royal

Contains all conceivable data regarding the 80s hard rock band, along with more that you probably haven't conceived of.

Bhangra Page

Focuses on this unique style of dance music from the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan. Provides information on concerts, new CD releases, and radio and TV shows. Also offers several audio excerpts.

Billy Joel Info Pages

Offers many links to plenty of information. Provides album information, lyrics, bootleg information, concert information, a photo album, a sound library, and more. Also includes a downloadable Billy Joel Program for Windows.

Bj”rk's[md]Web Sense

Presents the Web site "of the six senses, where sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and intuition" serve as the focus.

Bluegrass Unlimited Reviews[md]Table of Contents

Offers reviews of bluegrass-related recordings by Archie Warnock III, originally published in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.


Contains the FAQs from two Usenet newsgroups. Contains basic information on these musical styles.

BluesNet Home Page

Contains biographies of musicians, an archive of photos (many previously unpublished), a feature on teachers, and many informative articles. Lets you leave your comments in the guest book. Offers links to other major blues sites.

BMG goes Online

Lets you explore the universe of music and download sound samples, pictures, and videos of various artists. Also offers links to the hottest music related Web sites.

Boston Chamber Ensemble

Presents productions with a historical range from the Renaissance to the present day, with a special commitment to supporting contemporary composers. Holds a nation-wide composition competition in an effort to expand its interaction with American composers. Provides more information about BCE and this competition.

Building a Library: A Collector's Guide

Serves as a guide to classical record collecting. Delineates the general principles and reviews specific well-known works.


Focuses on Carnatic, or South Indian, classical music. Provides an introductory essay about Carnatic music, as well as information on the different Raga forms, musical instruments, and musicians, including photos.

Cascade Blues Association

Nonprofit organization. Promotes blues and jazz in Oregon, offers photos of blues legends, and provides concert schedules and information about the organization.

Celtic Music Index Page

Focuses on Irish music. Contains sheet music for traditional tines, reviews of recent CDs, audio excerpts, and more.

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive

Provides a guide to Celtic music resources, artist profiles, discographies, reviews, sound samples, concert and festival schedules, a guide to musical instruments, tune indexes, music software, and links to countless other sites.

Chamber Music

Provides a guide to chamber music conferences for amateur musicians and students. Contains information, schedules, fees, and application forms for about a dozen conferences.

Chicago Concert Search

Features a searchable database that contains classical music concert schedules, including festivals, for the Chicago area. Lets you search by time period, performer composer, or work.

Chinese Music Page

Presents an archive of Chinese music. Contains many audio samples of traditional classical instrumental and vocal music, folk music, ceremonial music, and more.

Christian Music Online

Contains Word records and Star song records. Provides up-to-date information on the latest release of the respective companies artist.

Clash Page

Features a complete discography of all Clash albums and the lyrics to every track. Also offers a chart history of all the hits that made it big.

Classical MIDI Archives

Provides archives of classical music audio files in MIDI format.

Classical Music Home Page: N.S.Sundar

Provides information on North and South Indian classical music, Indian classical dance forms, an FAQ for, and an eclectic gallery of photos from musicians to Hindu deities to Mahatma Gandhi. Also includes databases of song lyrics and great personalities of Carnatic (South Indian) music.

Classical Music Home Page

Provides information on classical and early music. Includes a guide to building a basic CD collection, a buying guide for the serious collector, lists of more than 1,850 recommended CDs, and informative composer profiles. Searchable.

Classical Music in Italy

Serves as a guide to classical music in Italy. Provides information on festivals and concerts, theaters, orchestras, music associations, music competitions, the music press, music education, and musical groups.

Classical Music Reviews

Provides reviews of recent recordings, a basic repertoire CD list (by period) for the beginning collector, and a series of exhaustive lists of recommended CDs (also by period) that includes track listings and musician credits. Covers medieval through modern periods.

Cleveland Concert Search

Provides a searchable database that contains comprehensive classical music concert schedules, including festivals, for the Cleveland area. Lets you search by time period, performer composer, or work.

Club ZigZag

Features jazz, "new swing," and anything else that grooves[md]the Cyberspace equivalent of a '30s night club.


Contains links to Web sites for the concertina or would-be concertina player. Includes concertina playing, and associated music forms, such as Irish and Morris Dance music, as well as links to tunebooks.

Counting Crows

Provides Counting Crows information. Offers a complete discography, pictures, and an extensive FAQs file. Tells you who "Mr.Jones" really is.

Cuban Music

Provides music samples, Spanish lyrics, and English translations of a wide variety of Cuban songs.

Current Opera Website

Focuses on live opera. Features Current Opera Digest, a "daily gleaning of highlights from opera discussions on the Net," an article about an opera "conspiracy," and links to other opera resources on the Net.

Cybergrass[md]The Internet Bluegrass Magazine

Features everything you'd expect in a magazine, including article, artist profiles, and events calendar. Includes reader comments and bluegrass want ads. Also includes a guide to magazines and newsletters and offers links to other bluegrass sites.

Cyberspace Opera

Presents an ongoing collaborative effort in which Net surfers can join. Provides the basic story line, characters, acts, and music, and asks you to help supply the libretto.

Dan Cox's Flamenco Page

Offers a history of flamenco, sound clips of songs, and many links to other flamenco music sites, newsgroups, and a flamenco bulletin board.

Dawn's Basket Full of Country

Offers a personal collection of country-related sites for country western music fans and cowboys. Also provides fanclub information and a penpal list.

DC Blues Home Page

Provides information on concerts, events, and venues in the Washington, D.C. area. Lets musicians submit information regarding their own concerts to include in the schedule. Features sounds, pictures, and reviews of D.C. area musicians. Also provides information on the DC Blues Society.

Diana Ross Fan Club

Focuses on Diana Ross. Includes plenty of reminiscence about the Supremes. Also tells you out how to get ROSS, the official Diana Ross fan club magazine.

Digital Tradition Folk Song Full Text Search

Consists of a searchable database that contains the lyrics and music to thousands of traditional folk songs. Offers full text searching. Also offers keyword, title, and tune lists.

Discographies (and More) at Nibble's

Indexes many varied discographies of many bands, like Erasure, Falco, Devo, and Men Without Hats (and many more).


Provides information about Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Gos. Includes a large image bank.

Doc Hamilton's Bluegrass Home Page

Presents a photo gallery of bluegrass greats.

Doc Watson

Contains a brief biography, a discography, a concert schedule, and a performance by Doc Watson accompanied by his son Merle. Includes links to pages on other bluegrass greats, such as Bill Monroe.

Electronic Early Music

Features several dozen audio files, primarily of Renaissance dance music played on various MIDI instruments.

ELP[md]Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Provides Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) information. Includes online back issues of the ELP digest.

Elvis Costello

Focuses on on Elvis Costello. Includes mailing lists, concert reviews, lyrics, guitar tablatures, and a complete discography are online. Also features a page of closely related artists whom you might also like.

Elvis Home Page

Focuses on Elvis. Reports recent sightings and lets you download some pictures and sounds. Brings Graceland to the Net. Also lets you make an Elvis connection and find an Elvis pen pal on the Net.


Provides information on Enigma. Provides a discography of the band and its founding father Michael Cretu. Also provides mailing list information, a picture gallery, and reviews of Enigma.

Entrance to Northwest Jazz Page

Contains a potpourri of jazz information, pertaining to the northwestern United States (mostly Washington). Includes area artists and their recordings, concert and festival schedules, jazz publications, and visual art.

Enya[md]Unofficial Home Page

Provides pictures, sounds, translations of the Irish lyrics, the popular Enya Pages, and transcripts of interviews with Enya.


Provides a complete discography of Falco.


Contains information for the beginner. Answers questions on how to select recordings, which books to read to learn more, how to identify a piece heard on the radio, TV, or in a movie, what distinguishes different genres of music, and more.

Fasola Home Page

Provides information resources for Sacred Harp (a form of early American three and four part a cappella folk music that traces its roots back to Reformation and Renaissance England) and other American Shape Note traditions of singing.

Flamenco Home Page

Focuses on the flamenco scene in Madrid, containing useful information for the would-be tourist and flamenco aficionado about where to see live flamenco. Provides some information in Spanish.

Folk DJ List

Provides information on folk and bluegrass music on the radio, submitted by the programs' disk jockeys. Contains station lists, show profiles, and playlists.

Folk Music Home Page

Covers every aspect of folk music: artists, albums, commercial resources, concerts, and folk music on the radio. Also contains information on ftp sites, mailing lists, and usenet newsgroups, as well as links to many other folk music sites.

Folk Stuff

Presents a directory of information for folk musicians and people designing and building folk and experimental musical instruments. Covers catalogs, books, and periodicals, for a wide variety of instruments, including hammered dulcimers, folk flutes, and many others.

Folkbook: An Online Acoustic Music Establishment

Contains all sorts of information about folk music and folk musicians. Provides information on venues, festivals, and concerts, artist profiles, discographies, record labels and distributors, song lyrics, tablatures, and more. Also contains links to usenet newsgroups of interest.

Frankie Say No More[md]FGTH Fan Pages

Presents Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the band, online. Provides FGTH resources.

FutureNet : Classic CD

Contains articles and reviews, a CD finder, and subscription information. Provides a beginner's guide that includes features on classical music in the media, and a history of classical music, plus a classical CD top 100 and an at-a-glance guide to the composers, A[nd]Z.

Gaia: Olivia Newton-John Home Page

Provides information about Olivia. Offers links to SoulKiss, the ONJ Internet Mailing list, movie information, videos, and a photo collection. Also offers information on how to join the fan clubs.

Gallery of the Unusual and Absurd

Serves fans of music groups Heart, Kansas, Uriah Heep, and Elton John, among others. Also contains links to thousands of games and other sites.

GEMM Home Page

Focuses on music. Enables you to search for information about artists, albums, and companies. Lets you register to be notified when a particular item you want is mentioned elsewhere in the marketplace.

Get Crued

Focuses on the heavy metal band Motley Crue. Includes information about the IRC channel and a full discography. Also provides information on each individual band member.

Gloria Estefan Home Page

Focuses on Gloria. Includes links to many pictures, sounds, and animations, as well as an easy fill-out form for subscribing to a Gloria Estefan mailing list.

GMO[md]African Archive (Music)

Online forum for African musicians to market self-produced CDs. Offers users the opportunity to provide information about, sample, and purchase music they might otherwise never know about.

Granger's Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

Presents a collection of more than 500 fiddle tunes in guitar tablature. Contains sample tablatures, as well as an index and several appendixes from the book. Also offers a couple reviews.

Green Day

Focuses on the band Green Day. Also offers links to plenty of other Green Day Net resources and links to other bands that sport a similar sound.

Gregorian Chant Home Page

Supports advanced research on Gregorian chant. Contains an informative essay on the state of Gregorian chant studies, sound files (coming soon), and links to other chant research Web sites, as well as lists and links to resources on related topics.

Guinness Temple Bar Blues Festival

Mammoth three-day blues festival in Ireland. Features 200 hours of live music. Virtually all events are free. Provides program and other festival information.

Guns 'n' Roses Home Page

Focuses on Axel and Slash. Includes a complete discography, lyrics, and tour information. Also includes guitar tabs and interviews with the band.

HACK1: InSoc

Information Society online. Offers many sound samples and lyric sheets.

Hammered Dulcimer

Provides information on hammered dulcimers, including workshops, festivals, publications, photos, sound samples, musicians, and information on building or buying an instrument.

Hanspeter Niederstrasser's Def Leppard Page

Focuses on this eighties band who defined modern metal. Provides all you might need to complete your collection. Includes complete lyrics, band history, images, and sounds. Also presents a guest book and survey to fill out so you can express your opinoin about the band.

Hard Bop Cafe[tm] Jazz Home Page

Serves as a complete guide to jazz in Canada. Includes concert and festival information, jazz on the radio, jazz publications, CD reviews, and more.

Harmonica World

Provides harmonic photos and sounds, information on harmonica players, horse, concerts, even a harmonica festival. Represents all styles of music, although blues and classical predominate.

Harmony Ridge Music

Provides information about female singer-songwriters and musicians. Includes everything from avant-garde to world music. Includes a photo gallery of artists.

Hindi Movie Songs

Focuses on Indian movie songs in the Hindi language. Contains song information and full lyrics. Includes categorized indexes of singers, music directors, lyricists, films, actors/actresses, as well as a searchable song title index.

Historical Harp Society Page

Promotes the appreciation and use of historical harps (i.e. non-modern, folk and art music harps). Contains details about its history, purpose, membership, and of especial interest to historical harp enthusiasts, their Annual Historical Harp Conference and Workshop.

HMV Toronto Superstore

Contains new releases, charts, and reviews on CDs, video, laserdiscs, CD-ROMs, and video games. Also contains a Canadian Indie Music Archive and a scrapbook of the stars that pass through our doors.

Home Page for Elton John Fans

Includes information about the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Also offers plenty of album information, pictures, and a discography. Also provides tour information.

Home Page of MT&C Music Club

Contains information about the music and recent CD releases, as well as an opportunity to browse and shop online. Contains full track listings and pictures of all CDs.

Hootie & the Blowfish Home Page

Provides information about the band. Includes a who's who list of the band, additional external links, and tour dates. Also includes a growing lyric database.

House of Blues Online[md]Summer Preview

Offers QuickTime virtual reality scenes. Includes concert schedules, music and video samples, blues bios, and more.

Hype! Music Store & CD Reviews

Provides a searchable database of classical and rock CD reviews. Allows you to submit your own review of a CD for inclusion in the database.

Hyper Idol[md]The Billy Idol Home Page

Represents every album as a separate page with images and lyrics to every song. Contains a growing collection of images besides those found on the albums.


International Double Reed Society online. Provides information for double reed players (oboists, bassoonists). Contains information on the society, its conference, and membership. Also offers online editions of their two publications, the Double Reed and the Journal of the International Double Reed Society, which contain many articles of interest to practicing musicians, from current and back issues.

Index of Bulgaria'sounds/

Provides audio samples of folk music from Bulgaria. Represents all the major regional styles. Includes scenic photos of Bulgaria.

Indian Classical Music

Features an introduction to Indian classical music, excellent biographies of master musicians, and some detailed information about the different ragas and styles of music. Also offers a number of links to online catalogs of Indian CDs and to other Indian music sites.

Indian Music: Recordings and Instruments

Serves as an online source for CDs of Indian music. Claims to be able to get anything in print. Also offers a gallery of Indian musicians featuring, photos, bios, and audio selections, and offers a gallery of music instruments, featuring illustrations, descriptive material, and sound samples.

Indiana University School of Music

Presents the school of music at Indiana University, Bloomington, online. Offers a resource page that can help you find nearly anything. Provides detailed information about the school. Also includes an index of music resources on the Internet.

Indigo Girls Main Page

Focuses on the Indigo Girls. Includes up-to-the-minute tour information and a frequently asked questions page.

Indonesian Music

Features information on various types of Indonesian music and instruments, including Gamelan and Angklung (bamboo instruments). Also offers Indonesian song lyrics and links to pages on Gamelan groups in the United States.

InterJazz Home Page

Presents a jazz bulletin board where venues and record labels can announce schedules, new releases, and booking agencies; where show promoters can communicate with prospects for business; where individuals can search for a business or add their own with a personal "business card," and musicians can make items available, communicate with other musicians and fans, or post a schedule.

Irish Folk Songs

Provides a searchable database that contains the lyrics to more than 300 Irish folk songs. Also contains an alphabetic index for easy browsing.

Irish Music on the Net

Presents an exhibit that attempts to "capture much of the allure" of traditional Irish music. Includes works of medieval Irish art, album covers, and landscape photos; a theater which features some video clips of musicians playing; and a recording studio that features audio excerpts of music on different Irish traditional instruments.

Iron Maiden Page

Offers a collection of album covers and a running commentary on the meaning and value of each album. Includes many pictures.

Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros

Contains all the latest facts on the bands. Provides detailed discographies, pictures, and sound samples from both Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros. Also contains links to many other Web pages (like Woodstock '94) and ftp sites.

Janet Jackson Homepage

Focuses on Janet. Includes the latest news, tour information, sounds, lyrics, and more.

Jazz Improvisation

Presents a series of articles for a course on jazz improvisation, taught at the University of Wisconsin. Serves as an introduction to the subject. Includes many images of musical notation and photos of jazz musicians.

Jazz in France

Surveys the entire French jazz scene, including festivals, magazines, jazz on radio and TV, and jazz awards.

Jazz Music Stores around the World

Serves as a guide to jazz record stores world-wide, arranged alphabetically by location. Includes useful information on shops strengths in terms of formats and new/used, bargains, and more.

Jazz Net

Provides jazz and blues information pertaining mostly to the West Coast. Covers publications, horse, photography, concerts, and festivals.

Jazz Roots Homepage

Provides information on the early jazz masters, such as Fats Waller and Benny Goodman. Includes photos, bios, band members, discographies, and other information on the artists' careers.

Jethro Tull Music Archive

Focuses on the band Jethro Tull. Provides information about the band and its whereabouts. Includes lyrics to all the band's songs and a connection to an FTP server that provides pictures, articles, and even a few MIDI sequences.

Jimi Hendrix Server

Provides many Jimi goodies. Includes pictures, a discography, and sounds.

Jimmy Buffett Web Page

Includes resources for finding Jimmy Buffett on the Net. Offers pictures and sound bytes.

Joe's Aerosmith Tribute

Focuses on Aerosmith. Includes pictures of the band and downloadable sound bytes. Provides tour dates and other recent Aerosmith news. Also offers chord charts.

Justin's Early Music Web

Provides information about early music and instruments.

King Biscuit Time

Online blues magazine. Offers news, CD reviews, a great selection of audio files, photos, extensive biographies of musicians, articles, links to other blues sites, and more.

Kraftwerk Unofficial Infobahn

Includes pictures, sounds, and videos, and a collection of Kraftwerk MIDI sequences. Lets you add your name to the list of all the Kraftwerk fans in the world.

Lark in the Morning

Provides information on music instruments for the performance of all types of acoustic music. Provides a wide selection of instruments, books, recordings, and videos. Also contains various informative articles.

Larry Aronson Home Page

Contains a variety of information on Afro-pop music, particularly Soukous, the pan-African dance music that originated in Zaire and the Congo. Features recommendations on bands, horse, and other useful information.

Le Nozze di Figaro

Contains information on the opera, The Marriage of Figaro. Offers sections on the composer (Mozart), music, and dramatis personae.

Led Zeppelin Home Page

Focuses on Led Zeppelin. Includes links to the Digital Graffiti mailing list, plenty of pictures, a discography, lyrics, and guitar tabs. Also offers a link to a Zeppelin page written in French.

Leland's Andean and Flamenco Page Index

Contains a wealth of information on Andean and Flamenco music. Includes a guide to Flamenco guitar and dance teachers and a searchable music database.

Live Blues and Blues Radio, Steamin' Stan Ruffo

Introduces Steamin' Stan Ruffo to the Internet community as a singer, songwriter, blusician, world-reknowned harmonicator, as well as producer and host of the blues radio show, Blues On Tap, on Visalia's K100 99.7FM. Also offers links to other music and nonmusic related sites.

Lloyd Robbins' Moody Blues Page

Serves as a site for people who believe that all the best music was written 25 years ago. Offers links to information about the Moody Blues, including pictures and a discography. Also contains links to Alan Parsons Project information.

Lollapalooza Information (unofficial)

Focuses on on what Lollapalooza was and is. Includes details about the multiband festival for every year since 1991. Includes links to the individual home pages of featured bands.

Lou Reed's Web Home

Provides information about Lou Reed and more. Includes a bootleg gallery, a couple of guitar tabs, and plenty more.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Provides all the latest and most accurate information about what's coming up. Includes a biography, discography, and tour information.

Mazzy Star Home Page

Focuses on Mazzy Star. Includes an "unofficial" discography and an ever-growing picture page. Also includes a video clip from the Jesus & Mary Chain.

Meat Puppets Home Page

Offers information on the band Meat Puppets, including tour and release dates, band art, discography, and merchandise information.

Men Without Hats: The (Unofficial) Home Page

Offers all the latest discoveries about this '80s band. Includes a complete discography and a few pictures.


Presents Merger, an original rock and roll band in the Los Angeles, California, area.

Metallica Compilation

Focuses on Metallica. Includes lyrics and selected digitized songs from every album. Also includes pictures of all the album covers (even the completely black one).

Metro One

Online rest stop for the small Christian alternative record label, Metro One. Contains product information on new releases.

Mike Markowski's Beatles Page

Includes a metaindex of other Beatles resources. Provides all the information you need about the Fab Four, including sounds, pictures, lyrics, and more.

Mike Oldfield

Presents a guy who can play any instrument you hand him. Provides information about the man behind the intriguing album Tubular Bells.


Presents an eclectic collection of world music information and links. Includes discographies, sound samples, reviews, and more.

Muscle Music, Inc.

Contains information about music, video, and Web services and previews of artists and bios of Alabama music achievers.

Musi-Cal Performer Index

Provides a concert calendar for folk, bluegrass, blues, and world music performers, organized alphabetically by artist.

Music Hall

Presents the music area of the Vatican Exhibit at the Library of Congress online. Contains four "rooms" of art treasures, primarily pages from Medieval and Renaissance illuminated music manuscripts. Provides notes with all the art works.

Music Home Page

Contains a Turkish music archive that features musical excerpts of all styles and genres of Turkish music. Includes many photos of musicians and their instruments.

Music Resources on the Internet

Contains resources in the form of audio clips, video clips, links, and files to just about every type of music. Also offers a collection of links to other music sites.

Music under Soviet rule

Offers a collection of documents related to the classical music of the former Soviet Union. Documents the relationship between music and politics.


Focuses on the eighties eclectic band, Devo. Provides information about what's new with these different sort of fellas. Includes an image gallery and offers many external links to other devotees.


Focuses on contemporary Christian/Pop artist Michael W. Smith. Contains a complete discography and lyrics to every track. Also includes information on contacting the fan club in Nashville.

National Folk Festival

Presents the Australian folk festival. Provides information on the festival, including schedules and how to become a performer at the festival.


Contains several Christian record companies, such as Benson, Sparrow, and the Gospel Music Association. Serves as a good jumping off point to different Christian entertainment companies.

New England Folk Concert Calendar

Offers a calendar of concerts, festivals, and events, organized by month, for folk fans in the New England area. Also contains a guide to other print and electronic folk calendars.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Provides a press release, complete performance schedules, notes on the different musical styles, accommodation information, and a decade of festival posters.

Northern Journey: Canadian Folk Music Website

Northern Journey: A Guide to Canadian FolkMusic, the online edition. Claims to be "the definitive guide" to Canadian folk music. Overviews excerpts from the book, contains information about Canadian folk artists and folk festivals, and reviews some new and recent Canadian folk CDs.

Obvious Gossip Home Page

Presents the official k.d. lang fan club. Lets you investigate the purchase of various k.d. lang paraphenalia and provides the latest album and concert information.

OffBeat Magazine

Online edition of the print magazine, "New Orleans' and Louisiana's only music and entertainment magazine." Features interviews, articles, reviews, polls, and more on the New Orleans jazz scene, as well as club, concert, and festival information, and classified ads.

Old Time Music Bulletin Board

Enables readers to exchange and sell instruments and discuss banjo playing, fiddling, songs and lyrics, reviews, and anything else regarding old time music. Lets you post messages, including HTML tags that will be fully functional.

OM Kalthoum

Offers photos, a biography, and a detailed song listing. Contains information on songs, lyrics, and audio clips. Offers links to other pertinent sites.


Includes a guide to recorded opera, an A[nd]Z guide to composers, an A[nd]Z guide to operas, synopses of operas, photos of opera stars, and links to other opera sites.

Oz-jazz Worldwide

Presents Australian musicians, concerts, festivals, organizations, radio programs, horse, and jazz record shops. Also includes audio clips and a directory of Aussie jazz musicians overseas.

Pet Shop Boys USA

Provides pictures. Also includes sample audio sources and concert information. Includes links to a few other Pet Shop Boys pages on the Net.

Pete Lambie's Bruce Springsteen Page

Provides many pictures, lyrics, and more. Suggests a way to bring your bootlegs to life by making your own covers.

Peter Gabriel

Offers a collection of goodies about Peter Gabriel. Includes lyrics, pictures, and sound bytes. Also includes links to other pages on Peter and related bands.

Planet Music

Specializes in hard-to-find CDs. Offers thousands of different CDs. Also sells video tapes and music T-shirts.


Calls itself "the complete guide to contemporary polka music." Features a history of modern polka music, news on concerts, radio programs, and events, a message board, and an archive of sound clips of polka music, as well as information about where to buy recordings. Also includes a list of bands and their schedules.

Prince / O(+>

Includes all sorts of links concerning the rock star formerly known as Prince. Includes pictures and lyrics to all the major albums and singles. Also includes links to other related music.

Proximity[md]Led Zeppelin Collector's Journal

Online edition of the fan magazine.

PunkRock Web

Focuses on Austin, Texes, punk bands, cybercafes, video games, and virtual reality.


Includes pictures, lyrics, sound samples, and guitar tabs.

R.E.M. Home Page

Includes notes on the R.E.M. tour, all about Mike Mills, and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet. Offers a discography, lyrics, and guitar chord sheets. Also includes a photo archive.

RADISH Home Page

Presents RADISH, an original rock band from Greenville, Texas (just east of Dallas), that plays original rock music as well as other classic rock. Introduces RADISH band members, Ben Kweller, Ryan Green, and John David Kent.

Random '80s Lyrics

Generates random '80s lyrics. Presents you with lyrics from a famous 1980s song when you connect to this page.

Random Band Name

Helps you can find a name for that band you're starting. Serves entertainment purposes, and generates names that actually come close to some current actual bands.


Provides a wealth of Reba resources. Tells you how to join Reba's International Fan Club. Offers a schedule of appearances, Reba's Special Events, and more. Also lets you add your favorite Reba pictures.

Renaissance Consort

Lets you see and hear the instruments that make up a typical Renaissance consort. Provides photographs (accompanied by audio clips) of recorders, crumhorns, flutes, viols, and more.

Richard Robinson's Tunebook

Offers a collection of sheet music of traditional tunes, primarily from the Celtic lands and Scandinavia. Lets you you access them by title, country, or type (jig, reel, waltz, and so on).

Rock the Strip

Features sound and video samples from relatively new bands. Features an interactive trivia show hosted by ex-MTV jock Nina Blackwood and LA Radio KLOS host Kenny Sargent. Gives away a grand prize every month.

Rockmine Archives

Provides a collection of information about British rock and roll.

Roots/World Music FAQ

Offers definitions for the terms world music and roots music. Provides some basic information from a wide geographical area on musical styles, notable artists, musical instruments, and more.

RootsWorld: Music on the Net

Offers news, CD reviews, articles, and special features, including a great guide to the music and musicians of Finland.

Rounder Records Group

Presents a catalog for the major independent bluegrass and folk label. Features sound samples from recordings of several of their most popular artists. Also features artist profiles and discographies.

Roxette: Home Page

Offers information about concert dates, an interactive discography, and many pictures. Also includes information on soloists Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle, and Gyllene Tider.

Russian Music

Contains an archive of Russian singers and their songs. Includes photos, discographies, song lyrics, and audio and video clips. Also offers recommended recordings and where to buy them. Includes folk and pop music.

Samba in Sweden

Focuses on the Brazilian music scene in Sweden. Provides information about the current groups and sample some of their music. Offers links to Samba sites.

Samba Music

Enables you to sample some full-length samba sound clips.

Sami's Urdu/Hindi Film Music Page

Serves fans of Urdu and Hindi film music. Offers articles on various singers, musical directors, and lyricists, lists of songs by singers, music directors, and so on, as well as notes and chords of songs and more. Also presents many photos.

Sarah Page

Focuses on the music and activities of Sarah McLachlan. Includes a biography of Sarah, tour dates, and information on joining the fan club (and more).

SCA Music and Dance Home Page

Society for Creative Anachronism, online. Focuses on Renaissance dance and dance music. Includes dance "cheat sheets," a discography of Renaissance dance music, a collection of articles taken from the society's newsletter on Renaissance dance, articles on troubadours and bardic songs, and many links to other Early music and dance sites.

Sheena Easton

Provides information on when and where you can see Sheena in concert next. Also includes plenty of pictures, lyrics, a discography, and a videography of the artist's work.

Shona Music

Provides information about Shona Music from Zimbabwe, and its typical mix of mbira, marimba, and other indigenous instruments. Contains a directory of Shona musicians and a Shona music bulletin board, and offers many links to other sites with information on Zimbabwe and on African music in general.

Simon and Garfunkel Home Page

Offers Simon & Garfunkel and some Paul Simon solo stuff containing many tabs and some information on the duo. Contains a picture gallery, lyrics, and many guitar tabs.

Simple Minds[md]Good News From the Web

Contains information about the '80s band Simple Minds. Includes a full discography, lyrics, and an FAQ file. Also includes many links to other Simple Minds resources on the Net.

Some Peruvian Music...

Contains sound files of Andean flute music from Peru.

Southern Folklife Collection HomePage

Contains archives of Southeastern American tradition-derived music. Includes numerous photographs, interviews, oral histories, video and film documentaries, books, and periodicals. Contains pages on music and musicians in the following categories: early country music, old-time string bands, gospel and spiritual song, and southeastern blues traditions, all illustrated with photos.

Stiff as Toys and Tall as Men

Focuses on The Cure. Includes fan club information, lyrics, images, and more. Also includes a few sound bites.

Stirrings Folk Mag

Online edition of British folk music magazine. Features CD, book, and concert reviews, interviews, concert and festival schedules, the latest news, and more.

Stranglehold[md]Ted Nugent Page

Provides information about the Nuge. Includes a complete discography, pictures, lyrics, and information on the fan club.

Susan Ashton

Serves as a resource page for contemporary Christian singer Susan Ashton. Includes the expected Net resources, as well as many meta-links that point to other Christian music resources.

T. M. McComb: Music Home Page

Provides one music writer's recommendations of classical, early music, and world music CDs. Contains informative notes on the different styles of music.

Talking Heads

Provides Talking Heads information. Spares nothing[md]includes digitized songs, images, and more. Also includes information on signing up for the Talking Heads mailing list.

Tango Dance Notation Argentina Argentine

Contains a calendar of events, a world-wide geographical listing of where to dance, lyrics to songs, history of the tango, biographies of teachers, musicians, and dancers, audio files, discographies, videos, book information, photos, and more.

The AC/DC Live Wire

Serves the AC/DC fan. Includes a history of the band members, lyrics and pictures from every album, and a frequently asked questions file. Also offers a page of links to other AC/DC sites on the Net.

The Also Broken Home Page

Presents a new band from Philadelphia who have just released thier debut album Division of Grace. Contains band bios, photos, sound bytes, and club dates. If you like Rush, King's X, Living Colour, you'll like Also Broken.

The Autoharp Page

Provides information about the autoharp, including publications, recordings, concert and festival schedules, and how to buy and get started playing an autoharp.

The B-52's WWW Pages

Contains lyrics, photos, and more from the band. Includes a complete band biography and a list of B-52 related quotations.

The Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts

Provides information about this Indian Music Institute in California and about "Sitar Power," a popular hybrid of Indian classical music and rock.

The Blue Highway

Offers a tour through delta blues country, introducing the blues immortals along the way. Includes photos and biographies accompanied by a road map of the route you take. Also lets you enter comments and read those of others who have traveled the blues highway.

The Bluegrass Music Page

Consists mainly of extensive links to other bluegrass and related (and a few not-so-related) Web sites, as well as ftp sites and newsgroups.

The Bodhran Page

Features Celtic ornamental designs. Focuses on the goat-skin drum, the bodhran. Includes everything from making or buying one and learning how to play, to information on bodhran players, recordings, and concerts.

The Bolivian Music Page

Serves as a source for Andean music in general and Bolivian music in general. Provides information about the bands and their recordings. Includes full track listings.

The Bottom Line Archive

Electronic version of this magazine for bassists. Features articles for the practicing bassist and electric bass players. Contains all back issues. Also offers photos of musicians and links to various bassists' home pages.

The Boy George Home Page

Presents the works of Boy George. Includes a discography with all lyrics and pop chart information from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, and Italy.

The Bryan Adams Home Page

Offers lyrics, reviews, pictures and more. Also provides charts and statistics from around the world.

The Clannad WWW Home Page

Features a discography, lyrics, images, and information about the Irish band, Clannad.

The Dave Matthews Band Home Page

Guides you to information about the DMB. Offers biographies, lyrics, and tour dates.

The David Bowie File

Chronicles the life of David Bowie. Provides information about all his albums, movies, and videos.

The Depeche Mode Home Page

Focuses on the eclectic alternative band. Includes dozens of pictures and several links to other Depeche Mode resources. Also provides information on how to subscribe to their mailing list.

The Didjeridu W3 Server

Focuses on didjeridu players around the world. Contains myths, legends, and literature related to this Australian aboriginal instrument, audio samples, CD reviews, cover photos, information on building and repairing didjeridus, lessons and tips on playing, and a didjeridu player's resource guide.

The Digeridoo Page

Provides information about modern musicians who use the digeridoo, an Australian aboriginal instrument, in their music. Contains artist biographies, discographies, and record labels.

The Doors

Presents information about this historic band. Includes lyrics, pictures, and bootleg information. Also includes plenty of other Net resources.

The Drums and Percussion Page

Targets the active drummer or percussionist in all genres of music. Offers transcriptions of drum and percussion pieces, a searchable list of percussionists on the Net, a directory of drum and percussion-related organizations, assorted articles and bibliographies, FAQs, jokes, and links to other drum sites.

The Electric Gallery: The Jazz and Blues Wing

Features paintings and sound samples of blues and jazz greats.

The Fractal Music project

Provides information about anything related to fractal music. Provides online paper abstracts, sound bites, means to getting on the mailing list, and downloadable software.

The Frank Sinatra WWW Page

Provides up-to-date concert reviews, books, newspaper articles, and a complete filmography and discography. Also includes information on how to join the Frank Sinatra fan club.

The Future Love Paradise WWW Site; Dedicated to Seal

Includes an image oasis, the Seal FAQ file, a lyric library, and more. Includes transcriptions of online conferences with Seal.

The Grateful Dead

Contains an exhaustive tribute to the Grateful Dead. Includes everything, from lyrics, pictures, and sounds to tour dates, rumors, and Dead icons for the Macintosh. Also offers links to Jerry Garcia memorial pages.

The Harp Page

Targets the harp or folk harp enthusiast. Includes information on harp societies, publications, and events, as well as links to various harpists' home pages.

The High Lonesome

Focuses on the band The High Lonesome. Features bios, history, lyrics, photos, sound, ordering information, upcoming gigs, and more.

The Hole in the Web Phish Phorum

Includes a growing collection on the band Phish. Offers a trading area where you can get together with other Phishsters to exchange records over e-mail.

The Huey Lewis and the News Homepage

Includes a detailed history of Huey's (born Hugh Cregg) life and times, and full details on every album since "Four chords and seven years ago."

The Internet Music Monolith

Serves as a guide to the Australian Music industry for fans, musicians, students, and all other industry participants. Includes a directory to industry resources, media, software, Australian artists, charts, musicians contact service, video, and more.

The Jewish Music Home Page

Offers a wide variety of Jewish music selections. Provides an online catalog, sound clips, and jumps to other Jewish music links.

The Kerrville Folk Festival

Provides information about the Kerrville Folk Festival, a major United States folk festival that takes place for a two and a half weeks every Spring. Contains performance schedules, ticket and camping information, a photo gallery of participating artists, and more.

The Kinks

Includes everything from pictures, sounds, and videos to a complete discography and lyric database.

The KISS Network[md]Los Angeles, CA

Focuses on the musical group KISS and contains information about collectibles, band history, discography, and more. Also offers downloadable sound files.

The Madonna Home Page

Serves as a means to finding any of a myriad of pages about Madonna on the Web. Includes a link to the Madonna Lyrics Archive, a complete discography, and Madonna's Top 10 List from the infamous Letterman episode. Also includes many pictures.

The Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE

Contains a directory of music-oriented Web sites. Includes folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, world, classical, rock, and other styles of music.

The Mandolin Pages

Focuses on mandolins and related instruments (citterns, octave mandolins, bouzoukis, and more). Features a couple instrument guides, historical information, and images of mandolins.

The Moroccan Auditorium

Contains excerpts of Moroccan music in a variety of styles, in several audio formats. Includes classical Andalusian music, Gnoua music, Berber music, and more.

The Nicks Fix (JK's Home Page)

Features Stevie Nicks, former lead singer of Fleetwood Mac. Contains Stevie news, album information, song lyrics, and more. Also includes several links to other Stevie-related pages.

The Opera Schedule Server

Offers a searchable database that contains the schedules of opera companies around the world. Also contains basic information on major opera houses world-wide.

The Original Mariah Carey Home Page

Targets the Mariah Carey fan. Includes many pictures and many links to other Mariah pages. Also provides fan club information.

The Pat Metheny Home Page

Provides a Metheny discography, concert reviews, tour dates, and more. Also offers downloadable pictures of every album cover. Includes links to related sites.

The Pink Floyd Home Page

Includes many pictures, lyrics, a discography, and more. Also offers transcribed interviews with band members. Also offers a downloadable Pink Floyd screen saver.

The Rolling Stones Web Site

Contains a vast collection of sounds and pictures. Includes a few pages especially for the new HotJava browser by Sun Systems[tm].

The Similarities Engine[tm]

Lets you enter your five favorite artists and albums, then e-mails you a list of other bands or artists in which you might also be interested.

The Sinead O'Connor Home Page

Contains an official discography, a biography of Sinead, pictures, quotations, and additional Sinead information. Serves as a master index to all sorts of goodies.

The Soul Pages

Focuses on Sting. Provides information, lyrics, images, and sounds.

The Station

Provides barbershop harmony and a cappella information. Offers links to International Quartet Champions and other a cappella Web sites. Includes information about SPEBSQSA, Inc., and the MBNA Collegiate Quartet Contest.

The TMBG WWW Home Page

Focuses on They Might be Giants. Now lets you dial-a-song online and get previously unreleased material from TMBG.

The Tori Amos Home Page

Includes a special link to Really Deep Thoughts, a mailing list digest about the music of Tori Amos. Also includes many pictures and sounds. Also offers a few QuickTime videos.

The Turkish Music Home Page

Presents a Turkish music archive and index to other Turkish music sites. Includes articles on Turkish music genres, audio files, discographies, and more. Includes classical, folk, religious, and other styles of music from Turkey and Cyprus.

The Ultimate Band List

Offers links to information about any genre or style of music. Includes information not only on Web pages, but on newsgroups, mailing lists, and more.

The Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Home Page

Targets the intense fan. Provides photos, lyrics, frequently asked questions, and more. Also includes a questionnaire so you can tell the world what you like best about them.

The Unofficial Strawberry Music Festival Web Pages

Contains an eclectic variety of music and the presents the "Strawberry Way" to produce "the finest festival of its type, anywhere."

The Vangelis WWW Page

Provides information about the man and his music and movies (Bladerunner being the most popular so far). Contains an array of pictures, sounds, and digitized film sequences, as well as a page of all the Vangelis fans in the world.

Tom Morgan's Home Page

Presents Tom Morgan, alternative radio station director and freelance writer. Features profiles of important early jazz figures, such as W. C. Handy, from his book From Cakewalks to Concert Halls: An Illustrated History of African-American Popular Music 1895[nd]1930, as well as several other articles and columns on blues and jazz.

Traditional Jazz (Dixieland)

Focuses on Dixieland music. Provides information on the bands, festivals, publications, societies, and places to hear Dixieland on the radio all over North America. Offers many links to newsgroups, mailing lists, and other jazz Web sites.


Provides an archive of traditional tunes of mostly Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Breton), American, and English origin. Provides complete sheet music for all the tunes, with audio excerpts for many. Categorizes by tune type (jig, reel, hornpipe, and so on).

Turmoil's Seattle Music Web

Focuses on alternative and underground music in Seattle. Contains many .WAV clips and whole songs. Also furnishes a Seattle music calandar and related art.

Two Dozen Canadian Folk Festivals

Provides information and schedules for Canadian folk music festivals. Highlights the Mariposa Festival in Toronto (an institution now, after 35 years) and dozens of others. Also features a festival discussion group and links to other festival information.

VH1 Music First

VH1 online. Features the latest information on various artists, from biographies and videographies, to news updates and special features such as downloadable files. Also spotlights the videos and specials playing on VH1. Provides special coverage of events in music culture.

W.A.M.S. Home Page

Presents the Wolverine Antique Music Society. Focuses on the preservation of music originally recorded for 78 rpm records. Offers much to the 78 collector and early jazz aficionado. Contains many articles on the music, collecting, and all sorts of technical and resource information pertaining to antique audio. Also contains information on the early record labels, 78 album cover art, and sound clips.

Wayne's Home Page with Lute Stuff!

Offers a collection of lute information. Includes a gallery of old lute art works and photos of new lutes, as well as additional photos of various harps and bagpipes.

Welcome to HIStory!

Serves as the official Sony page for Michael Jackson. Includes graphics and considerable information and depth of thought.

Welcome to Planet Bluegrass

Blue Planet Music, organizers of the legendary Telluride Bluegrass Festival, online. Contains festival schedule and information, as well as information about Blue Planet recordings and their mail order operation.

Welcome to the GUITAR.NET Preview!

Offers instruction via the guitar chord of the week (including sound clip) for those learning guitar. Lets you ask Abe Wechter questions. Also provides access to many files from the Online Guitar Archives.

Will Clifton, Double Basses and Some Other Things

Offers some music links and some information on the double bass.

William Ransom Hogan Archive of New Orleans Jazz

Contains oral history interviews, recorded music, photographic collections and film, sheet music and orchestrations, and numerous files containing manuscript materials, clippings, and bibliographic references. Contains information about the archive, photos, sound clips, and a complete index to the oral history interviews.


Contains information on jazz. Includes essays on the different styles of jazz (accessible from a unique hypermap that reveals their interrelationships), artist bios, discographies, and reviews. Also offers information on festivals, venues, regional concerts, instruments, jazz in the media (radio, television, press), jazz art, and various jazz resources.

WOMEX[md]Worldwide Music Expo

Advertistes this event[md]"a Summorldwide of World, Roots, Folk, Ethnic and Traditional Music," which is a combination conference, trade fair, and musical showcase. Provides the complete history of WOMEX, a conference schedule, and registration information.

World Music/Boston

Provides schedules and ticket information for world music concerts and festivals happening in Boston. Provides short but informative biographies of the performers.

Zar's Paula Abdul

Lionizes the Paula Abdul, complete with sound bytes, QuickTime videos, and plenty of pictures. Also includes personal information about Paula.




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