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Sports Links

19th Hole, The

Serves as a place where fans and participants in the sport of golf can gather, share a few stories and settle a bet or two. Provides Daily Golf News and Almanac sections that let you keep up with the game on a daily basis and an Art section that brings a little laughter and color to your day. Also includes the Classified Ads area.

Adventure Schools, Inc.

Offers kayaking lessons for people of every ability level and kayaking vacations all over the world.


Provides in-depth descriptions of the many golf courses located in and around Alberta.

Autoracing Archive

Provides information about Formula One, IndyCar, and NASCAR racing. Also includes race results, point standings, schedules, and more.

AWESOME Sports Site of the Week

Scans the web looking for the best, the coolest, the most awesome sports site of the week.

Barrett's Climbing Page

Provides information on climbing in Arkansas. Usually includes pictures and maps/guides to areas in Arkansas. Offers links to 50 classic climbs.

Bernie's Sports Center

Provides gun enthusiasts in the Atlanta area with all their hunting and self-defense needs. Carries many calibers of rifles, a wide variety of handguns, and a large assortment of ammunition, and can handle your gunsmithing needs.

British Society of Sports History

Promotes research and publications about sports history and physical education. Also provides information about past and upcoming sports conferences.

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

A guide to Canada's best and most honoured athletes, and to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, located in Toronto, Canada.


Provides all the latest News, press releases, pictures, and generally, anything involving Motorsport in AUSTRALIA and the rest of the world.

Chehalis Composites

Offers Armadillo brand extreme performance skateboard decks, a new product on the market. Provides information on composite materials and design, photos, and links.

Commissioner's Assistant, The

Performs fantasy league management.

Common Sense Design's home page

Offers boat plans designed by the world famous designer Phil Bolger specially for first time home builders who want a quick, easy, and inxpensive boat.

Conway's Sports Research

Offers all the daily and future gaming odds.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Page

Provides training camp information, including roster and schedule, a draft FAQ, and more.

Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Homepage , The

Contains authoritative information on Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu, the martial art of Henry Seishiro Okazaki.


Online magazine. Covers scuba diving and dive travel. Includes regularly updated feature articles, destination previews of diving hotspots world-wide, geo-data, and a traveler's center to assist you travel planning, as well as diver chat forums and an interactive photo-gallery of dive photos from around the world.

Eastern Virginia Mountain Biking

Provides information for mountain biking enthusiasts in Eastern Virginia, including information on trails and locations, riding and maintenance groups, and local bike shops.

Emory Bicycle Manufacturing Company

Factory Direct bicycles. Forty years in the bicycle business. Offers products ranging from beach cruisers to collectables to mountain bikes, all for sale.

Enternet Communications' Web Site

Contains Influx Digital Skate Culture, an online magazine dedicated to skateboarding and related subjects; and SkateTalk, a real time discussion group dedicated to skateboarders, but open to all.

ESPNET Sports Zone

Provides up-to-date information for the following sports: football, basketball, hockey, baseball (for professional and college teams/players). Also offers scores, previews, statistics, and highlight photos for some of the big games.

Fantasy Baseball

Offers a collection of fantasy baseball information.


Offers information concerning fencing clubs, books, drawings, and events. Provides an Internet fencing encyclopedia. Also includes resources for the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Flying Scot Page, The

Provides information about Flying Scot sailboats, news about regattas and results, new and used boats and equipment for sale, tips on boatspeed and tactics, and more.

Football Stats Analyzer Shareware

Offers shareware you can use to predict future football game outcomes by analyzing historical statistics.


Provides Formula 1 motor racing results and track information.

George Ferguson's Ultimate Frisbee

Provides fun for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts and links to game descriptions, rules, and tournament information.

Golf Courses of British Columbia

Offers much to golfers of all skill levels. Provides links to more than 100 golf courses, as well as other golf-related Web servers.


Offers golf products for sale. Provides the PGA schedule. Features many golf related topics and provides tips on everything from putting to the psychology of golf.

GolfData On-Line Home Page

Offers a bundle of links related to golf, including travel packages, golf publications, course information, a golf channel, and tournament and association information. Provides additional links to other golf servers.

Grandstand, The

Offers fantasy leagues, simulation leagues, and contests. Serves as a forum where sports fans can watch, talk, and play sports.

GT Olympic Project

Serves as a guide to the upcoming 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Offers useful information concerning events, venues, and ticket sales. Provides up-to-date event results.

House (a.k.a. Sailboard Warehouse), The

Provides a complete windsurfing catalog.

International Aerobatics Club Home Page

Boasts of competition results and upcoming events. Lists chapters within the organization, some of which offer their own home pages. Provides information on other aviation servers, some aviation images, and weather information.

Judo Information Site

Provides information on the sport and martial art of Judo, brought to you by the Neil Ohlenkamp and the Encino Judo Club.

KFAN Radio

Offers hundreds of sports links and a new contest every month.

King of the Hill Fly Fishing Co.

Full service fly fishing outfitter and supplier carries complete line of fly tying and fly fishing products. Also represents world-wide fishing destinations.

Kosciusko Thredbo Australian Ski Site

Offers information on the Thredbo resort, ticket, ski hire prices, and ski school, plus comprehensive snow reports and satellite images of snowfields.

Lacrosse Web

Serves the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. Supplies College and Club Lacrosse information for California. Includes links to other lacrosse information sites.

Mad Dog Expeditions

Seeks to expand the experience of sport diving into realms traditionally reserved for scientists and heavily sponsored exploration teams. Offers challenging expeditions and training for serious divers of all ability levels.

Magic 693 - Australian Rules Football

Covers any AFL football game played anywhere in Australia for Melbourne.

Matt's Solar Car Page

Provides race information, team listings (United States and Canada), and official results of previous races. Also offers images of solar cars, as well as a race route map across Australia.

Metts Sports Tours

Operates sports vacations across the nation. Specializes in NFL football, Winston Cup Nascar racing, and the '96 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Midwest Express Fantasy Game Co.

Headquarters for Online Fantasy Sports. Hosts the World Wide Weekly Challenge. Enables you to pick, trade, or waive your players online. Also the home of Weebe Technologies (Statmaster Football and Baseball).

MIT Women's Soccer Team Home Page

Offers the action-packed soccer graphics of the MIT women's soccer team.

Mountaineering Council of Ireland

Represents Irish climbers and hill walkers. Provides news and links to other related sites.

Nando X

Hosts Beyond the Boxscore[md]a commentary by columnists Bill Arnold and Mark Camps that offers the inside scoop on baseball.

National Hockey League-Hawaii's NHL Home Page

Provides present league standings, the latest NHL scores, leading scorers, and 1994 Stanley Cup play-offs. Also provides information on the history of the Stanley Cup finals and NHL awards, as well as NHL images and movies.

NAUI, National Association of Underwater Instructors

Serves as the official site for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) for use by scuba divers of all associations to promote diving safety and education.

Nautical Net

Contains a tackle shop, marine electronics, boat brokers and manufacturers, clubs, fishing reports, and charter boats.

New England Windsurfing Journal

New England Windsurfing Journal[md]on-line.

Newt's Fantasy Football Page

Provides draft tips, stats, and other various bits of information for fantasy footballers.

NHL Schedule

Provides the schedules for each of the 26 NHL hockey teams. Also includes individual team information and links to other data.

Northern Vermont X-Country, Backcountry & Telemark Skiing

Provides information about free heel skiing in Northern Vermont. Includes trail maps, trail discriptions, and and links to resorts related to x-country or telemark skiing.

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Provides results, recaps, schedules, current news, and team information.

Oregon Wrestling Report, The

Covers amateur wrestling in Oregon, from kids clubs through the college level.

Orienteering and Rogaining Home Page


Offers a general description of the two sports (which are types of skiing), and provides announcements, a schedule of events, and club activities. Also offers links to other orienteering and rogaining servers.

Parachute Industry Association

The objectives of the Parachute Industry Association are to advance and promote the growth, development, and safety of parachuting and to engage and serve participants in the parachute industry. The PIA consists of companies and individuals united by a common desire to improve business opportunities in this segment of aviation.

Pedersen's Ski and Sport

Sells mountain bikes, inline skates, skis, snowboards, accessories, clothing, and more. Provides free shipping within the continental Unites States. Includes contests and links to other resources.

Penn State

Presents a Rose Bowl site and movies of past events. Provides some general information about the university, including student policies, online course materials, and topics of academia and research. Also offers job listings.

Physique Techniques Fitness Consultants

Offers complete fitness programs, nutritional analysis, personal training, supplementation, steroid information, bodybuilding, training advice, fitness columns, and so on. Specializes in metabolic manipulation (making your body work for you; not being trapped by your body).

Piedmont Budokan (Judo and JuJitsu)

Emphasizes developing the individual and provides information on judo throws and the proper way to work out.

Planet Reebok

Offers information about Reebok's corporate history and news about fitness, human rights, activism, and research.

Powder Hound Ski Report

Provides information about ski conditions and weather reports throughout the world. Also offers specific resort forecasts for Utah.

Princeton Golf Archives

Offers an education in designing a golf club and calculating slope and handicaps. Provides information about GolfData On-line[md]a bulletin board that offers a database of 14,000 golf courses, tips from Jeff Maggert (PGA professional), discount coupons, and more (including GIF and BMP).

Radio Control Sailors of Finland

Offers descriptions and pictures of radio control sailing, the Finnish competition schedule, and online results. Provides the results of all Finnish competitions and some international competitions.

Richmond Braves, The

Includes information about local and team history, ballpark extras, attractions, dining, lodging, directions, and ticket information.


Provides definitions, rules, statistics, and photographs for the sport of rowing. Also provides Regatta results and a link to the River and Rowing Museum.


Provides rules of the game, as well as a listing of competitive events.

Running Page

Provides information on notable trails, clubs, races, marathons, race results, and "the running scene" world-wide.

Sailboard Vacations

Serves as a travel agency for windsurfers. Offers detailed travel information on the finest windsurfing spots. Features the latest in quality windsurfing equipment from Mistral. Provides information on how to Windsurf.

Sk8er's HomePage

Offers instructions on inline skating technique. Reviews equipment and places to skate. Provides a messages bulletin board. Also provides information on figureblade skating school programs.

SNow Pa, The

Provides information about winter sports, including skiing and snow boarding, as well as information on resorts, weather reports, and trail maps. Also offers a picture gallery.

South Carolina Golf Courses

Provides access to a database that lists every golf course in the state.

Southern Utah Golf Courses

Provides a map that designates Utah's more famous golf courses. Also offers course descriptions and other useful information.

Specialty Car Page

Includes free classified ads with photos of hundreds of cars, as well as vendor, car club, and car show pages.

Sportfishing Industry Newsletter

Offers a comprehensive closeup of the business of sportfishing: what's new, what's hot, who's who and why. Targets fishing tackle manufacturers, ad agencies, marketers, and informed consumers.

Sports SHAK, The

A fantasy sporting service. Lets users sign up for free, receive their own home page, and become team owners and league commissioners. Gives each league and team its own set of pages. Does all stats, updates all the standings, and lets you concentrate on your team.

Sprague Mat Club

A kids wrestling club.

Spring City Cycles

Provides fun and useful information on biking and an online ordering scheme is in the works. Includes the stats on your favorite bike.


Enables you to purchase tickets for sporting events.

Steven Louie's New York Yankees Home Page

Provides graphical New York Yankees home page and loads of information on the Yankees.

Stretching and Flexibility

Provides information concerning stretching.


Offers a catalog that contains plenty of color images of mountain bikes, ordering information, and links to related information.

THRIL - Thoroughbred Horse Racing Information Link

Provides news, information, services, and products (much of the information is free to all, but requires a small subscription price if you want access to professional handicapping services, columns by top writers, and other services).

Tracy's Karate Canada Homepage

Contains information on owning and running a karate school. Includes a short history of Kenpo Karate.

TSI Soccer

Provides catalogs of soccer products for teams and individuals. Includes information about TSI services.

Unofficial Australian National Basketball League (NBL) Page

Provides the latest Australian NBL results and news. Includes complete team, player, and game statistics.

Upper Midwest Traveler and Adventure Guide, The

Provides information about this splendid region known as the Upper Midwest. Covers recreation activities ranging from participation sports to pure travel and adventure. Tells you where to hike, bike, golf, ride and canoe in the summer and fall, and where to downhill and cross-country ski in the winter. Also leads you to unique attractions, festivals, and events the Upper Midwest has to offer.

USA Football Center Online

Provides scores and updates to college and pro football games, betting lines, and weekly stats. Also features a pregame show that talks about the games to be played that day, and provides the picks of the day.


Serves as a source for current cycling news, cutting edge racing results, product information, online cycling publications, and more.

Velonews Experimental Tour de France Service

Offers news on the Tour de France, including course maps, team lineups, TV schedules, and results. Also includes an article by John Healey that explains the Tour de France in depth.

Virtual Flyshop

Provides a hypermedia collection for easy access. Includes pictures, stories, movies, knots, and additional links to newsgroups and other related Web pages.

Windsurfing in Texas

Provides information on windsurfing in the Houston area, including sailing sites, wind and weather, lessons, and more.

World of Fishing

Offers all types of fishing information, services, products, tournaments information, magazines, and servers as a place to visit other fishermen.

World Skiing

Provides information on skiing conditions throughout the world (for both downhill cross-country skiing.

World Wide Web of Sports

Offers a collection of sports statistics, schedules, rosters, facts, figures, and information. Covers the NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer, golf, frisbee, rowing, fencing, and rugby, among other sports.

World Wide Web Tennis Server

Offers monthly tennis tips on skills and equipment, daily tennis news, and hyperlinks to the Tennis Rules and Tennis Code. Also offers extensive list other links.




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