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Travel Links

A Future Corporation Australian Experience

A potpurri of graphics dealing with life online from Queensland Australia with links to most every facet of WWW lifestyle, including education, holidaying and travel!

Above it all

Charter service for Hawaii and the islands. Includes flight reservation, charter info, flight lessons. Graphically intensive

Adventure Cruising in the North-Atlantic

Provides information on the pleasure cruiser, Liefur Eriksson, which sails in the North Atlantic.

Aer Lingus

Includes departures, news, special business programs, and special photo gallery showing Aer Lingus history.Text version available. Main Page is graphic intensive.


Unofficial Home Page for Aeroflot that is put out by Seanet (Seattle WWW Site). Includes pictures of aircraft, departure schedules, and map of Moscow's Sheremetyevo-2 Airport. Uses Tables -need Netscape 1.1 for proper viewing

Air Canada

The official WWW site for Air Canada includes: news desk, schedules(user friendly), program and a special section called Netguide which provides info on Internet and HTML basics. Also available in French.

Air Charter Guide

The online edition of The Air Charter Guide Online Edition, this limited version of the book is a guide for locating charter operators. Arranged by state, name. It also Includes tips on planning and pricing a charter

Air Travel Card Control Tower

Get the latest news and trends in the business travel industry and complete information on the foremost business travel payment system -- Air Travel Card.

Air Traveler's Handbook

Very comprehensive site with links to information on Courier Travel ,Consolidators & Bucket Shops, Charters , Newsgroups, Mailing Lists General Travel Info,Background Notes ,Tourist Info,| Destination Info, Embassies Car Rental Agencies, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostelling, Home Exchanges Health, Money & Currency, Weather, Foreign Languages, Packing, Insurance, Maps Travel Publishers, Publications, Periodicals, Travel Bookstores, Travel Software Student/Budget Travel, Round-the-World, Travelogues, Aviation, Miscellaneous Usage Statistics, Entry Submissions. Very well organized and maintained.

Air UK

The airline for travel to Scotland. Mainly an inforamtion page - no schedule or service information provided. Links to a site with information on Scotland

Airlines of the Web

This WWW site is maintained by a student at UC Berkeley. Information about airlines is organized by geographic region. Information about cargo airlines, news groups, airports is also online . Graphic intensive-

Alaska Information Cache

For those who want an overview of what there is to see and do in Alaska, this is a good place to start. Package tour information is available.

Alchemy of Africa

Alchemy of Africa is the all encompassing African site, download African Music while you stroll through the Art Gallery, browse the Market for shops and business listings, Chat online in the Chat rooms, arm chair travel to African destinations via the Mystical Launch pad and much more. Visit this site - you'll be glad you did!

America's Caribbean Paradise

This site gives information on the Virgin Islands--wedding and vacation information, holidays, carnivals and other events, and weather forecasts. It also has a section on real estate, vacation rentals, recipes, and Caribbean products. It has nice graphics without being graphically intense.

American Airlines

Includes schedules, travel awards program info, special products, and a helpful alphabetical index to access information quickly. Employment opportunity section is included, too.

Ansett Australia

The airline that flies to exotic places such as Norfolk Island, Bali, Christmas Island, in addition to places with Australia.

Arctic Adventours, Inc.

Advertises Arctic Adventours, a Norwegian company which specializes in creating exciting expeditions and explorations in the Arctic area, including Northern Norway, Jan Mayen, Spitzbergen (Svalbard), Franz Josefs Land and Northern Russia / Siberia.

Arizona's WebHub

"Arizona's WebHub" is the first comprehensive, subject-sorted listing of World Wide Web links covering information about Arizona and is an integral part of EmeraldNet's CityWeb project.

Australia Travel Directory

Detailed site with links to info on tourism, visa, individual states, transportation. Comprehensive source to start looking for info on Australia

Bahamas Online

Considered to be The Bahamas first WWW site. Info includes facts, accommodations, restaurants banks, and bars

Belgium Online - Tourist Information

Mainly a page with links to other sites that starts with an overview page on facts about Belgium, followed by page on prominent cities such as Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp.

Big Island Air

Tours of Hawaii including volcano tours. Reservation service available

Boston Information and Resources

Welcome to virtual tourism in Boston! This page provides information about clubs, restaurants, weather, movie listings, and more in the metropolitan Boston area.

Boulder, Colorado

The city of Boulder welcomes you to its home page. Find information about the City of Boulder government, and neighborhood information from the Boulder Neighborhood Handbook. Information includes weekly calendars, press releases, and information about city departments.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This home page features Cambrigde City resources, and more. Links are provided for such sites as Art, Employment, Government, and others.

Canadian Airlines Intl

The usual airline WWW info can be found here such as news, schedules, destinations. Also links to Quick time movie


CaribWeb is a resource for travellers and Caribophiles alike. It provides online travel publications and a conversation area. You will also find information from all the Caribbean Tourist board homepages and other relevant links to the Caribbean. It also has a searchable database called CaribSearch which contains information on 100's of hotels, yacht charter companies, and restaurants.

Cathay Pacific

Airline with service to locations in Asia such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Includes services and special deals however no schedule info currently available. Lots of airplane graphics

Chicago Information System

This home page provides visitor and resident information about Chicago. Up-tp-date weather forecasts, and a calendar of events are two of the information sites available from here. The site also lists demographic information about Chicago and its suburbs.

City Net

If you're considering getting married or honeymooning in a city in U.S., Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, or the Netherlands, be sure to check out City Net first. This excellent site has links to various cities who have web pages of their own. You can take a virtual tour of Marseille, check the subway schedule for Philadelphia, or get find out what types of entertainment are available in Victoria. This site has links to many cities and is a very useful travel tool.

CLEVE.NET: A Guided Tour of The North Coast

Take a tour of the 'North Coast'. Cleveland, once full of urban decay, is now a beautiful mecca for you to enjoy. Come & visit us y'all!

Clever Ways to travel for free or little cost

Good information for those who are travelling on a budget. Includes tips on money, documents, protection against theft, travel organizations, etc.


Includes Information Skyway section with info on commerical aviation such as aircraft manufacturers, airport index, airline stock quotes. Helpful Table of Contents also.

Country Maps of Europe

One stop site for country maps of Europe. A graphic intensive site--good quality though.

Country Specific Pages - Africa

Well organized list of African countries with links to related information such as country maps, and country home pages. A highlight of the site are the links to "Ethnologues: Languages of the World." found on the country pages.

Cruise Review Library

This site is basically a Usenet newsgroup forum for the discussion of travel by cruise ships. Here, one can get a review on any of the major cruise ship lines. Well organized and very useful information.

Currency Exchange Rates

The exchange rate for 23 currencies can be found at this site. One can select any currency and compare it to another. The exchage rates are based on values obtained at 6pm Swedish time each day.


General guide to Cyprus which includes sections on cities and advice on where to stay. Information on where to shop, what to buy, the cuisine of Cyprus, music sites and where to have fun is also provided.

Czech Republic

Comprehensive guide to the Czech Republic which includes general information, bulletin boards ( such as finding an ancestor), travel, and a section on the city of Prague

Digital Commercial Services

Palo Alto is the place for Digital's commercial services demonstration. This page contains an abundance of local and tourist information about Palo Alto. The demonstration site also has a link to the Ohio Online Export Directory.

Dublin Pub Review

Get a biased opinion of pubs and nightclubs in Dublin. An insider takes you through a tour of pubs he has visited. Each entry includes a price and visitability rating. This site is fun to read, and has great information, too!

Eagle Canyon Airlines

The airline to tour the Grand Canyon. Tour information available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Easynet S.r.l. - Internet Service Provider

The site contains news from the city and province of Verona, with links to commercial activities and services for the citizens. A Virtual Tour of the city is available.


This site has informaiton about USD exchange rates in Russia, a Russian-English dictionary, advertisements, and more. It has a keyword search engine to make your virtual journey easier to navigate. The site is available in English and Russian.

Emirates, The Intl Airline of the United Arab Emirates

A site that emphasizes the variety of services offered by this airline. No other information available on schedules or special vacations, etc.

Environmental Recycling Hotline

Enter your zip code and immediately find out about recycling in your area. Find information about drop sites, hazardous materials, and even buying recycled products.

Eugene, Oregon

The Eugene Free Community Network provides many links pertaining to Eugene, its sponsors, its community, the government, and the community. From here you can also search the Web or find out What's New.

European Rail Passes

Here is the place for complete information on the Eurailpass and rail passes for other countries such as: Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, and Scandinavia


Pleasing WWW site with background information on Finland and the other locations that are serviced by Finnair. Informative section on Tours available

Foreign Language for Travellers

A site for travellers wanting to learn common words and phrases of a language they are interested in. Languages include: German, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Finnish, Danish Esperanto, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic. Sound files for each language are also available. Links are provided to other sites that feature translation dictionaries, and general information.

Freighter World Cruises

Advertises Freighter World Cruises, Inc., the largest travel agency in the world dedicated to freighter travel. This site provides information on various freighter lines and their destinations.

Frontier Airlines

Airlines that serves Rocky Mountain locations based in Denver. Main page is full of Frontier Airlines history. A lot of airplane graphics.

GENinc Bed and Breakfast Inns: USA

This site provides information on various bed and breakfasts throughout the United States. There are only a few B&Bs listed now (in California, Idaho, and Oregon), but it's a good place to start.

GENinc's Worldwide Travel/Tourism & Convention & Visitor Bureaus

This site has links to other sites containing travel information on various destinations. You can find out the price of a flat in London, look at the Greater Halifax Visitor's Guide, or visit an interactive tour agent in Singapore.

Global Network Navigator/Koblas Money Converter

Currency Converter that is updated weekly. One can select desired currency and all other currencies will convert relative to the one selected.

GNN TC Internet Resources -- Countries

Here you can find a huge collection of traveler's guides for almost any place in the world. Good place to go to find out about local customs, accomodations, etc.

GNN Travel Center

GNN, a publisher of travel books, has established a WWW site for feature stories on special travel sites and links to other travel related WWW sites. There is a lot at this site, so be sure to spend some time looking around. Check out the link titled Net Travel--Using the Internet to Prepare for a Trip on the About page.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Travel to Grand Rapids equiped with all the information you need from this site. Includes weather updates and attractions. This site also includes information about FreeNets.

Haines Airways

Airlines with scheduled flights and tours of Southeast Alaska. Mainly a promotional site.

Helinet Helicopter Tours

For an unusual tour of Los Angeles --a Helinet helicoptor tour might be the way to go. Check out this site for info on beach tours, and a dinner tour where you land atop a skyscraper.


Welcome to Hoboken, NJ. Use this site to find out about the city, the location, the government, the entertainment, and more. Be sure to check out its great location on the map, too.

Hong Kong Online Guide

The place to look for information on Hong Kong which includes shopping, dining, culture and places of interest listings. Heavy usage of . Great links to sites on Hong Hong Culture and on Chinese Culture.

Houston Area Real-Time Traffic Report

Real time information about the traffic situation on Houston freeways. Data collected by volunteer probes. User can become a volunteer too by signing up. Site is still under development.


A guide to Indonesia and its customs,travelling within the country, entertainment, et al. Includes a recording of the National Anthem of Indonesia and soon to be available video clip.

Information about Duty Free/Tax Free Shopping

Great site for duty free shopping related information. Also has links to sites related to cruise lines. Contains a lot of information on duty-free and/or tax-free products.

International Airport Codes

Want to make sure that the airport city code skycaps put on your bag matches the airport you want your bags to go to? This site sports an inclusive list of the codes for all US and world airports. Arranged alphabetically by Airport Code.

International Traveler's Clinic

Information on diseases and immunizations for travellers. Includes tips on what to pack in your travel medicine kit. Up to date.

Japan Airlines

At present a site focusing on Japan Airlines Frequent Flyer information. Also available in Japanese

Jerusalem Mosaic

Welcome to the city of Jerusalem as seen from the virtual world of the Internet. This site has many interesting historical and religious fact and pictures pertaining to Jerusalem. Of its interesting links, a view of Jerusalem from the sky, and an option to hear the song of Jerusalem.


A guide to the Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan , its culture, people and tourism . This page exhibits a nice balance between text and graphics. Links to Jordanian sites of interest are included.


Interested in the Netherlands? This site includes an interesting "a historic photographic diary" of the past 75 years of KLM. This is a very graphic WWW site

LA Weather

Forget the Weather Channel, come here for the most complete meteorological coverage of the greater Los Angeles area.

Lake Tahoe News Network

This site is a visitor's guide to Lake Tahoe. It contains information on history, news and events, hiking trails, and more. It also has some great images of the Tahoe area.

Las Vegas

Excellent site for tourists to plan their vacation to Las Vegas. From hotel information and reservations, to show schedules, sports, conventions, betting tips and business services.

Lauda Air

An Austrian airline servicing Milan, Munich, London, Brussels and Paris. Basic schedule and airline information

List of Servers-District of Columbia

Lists, lists, and more lists! Don't pass by the opportunity to connect to anything and everything DC-related, from government to entertainment and beyond.

Lonely Planet Travel Centre

Lonely Planet guides provide travelers information that is somewhat off the beaten path. This site gives information about the guides and also information about the travel resources on the internet.

Los Angeles Traffic Report

Real time traffic data for Los Angeles, updated once a minute. Contains current area of congestion, five minute and real time map, and tables of current speeds on freeways. Real time map is slow. Requires a fast connection.

Louisville Visitors Center

Welcome to Louisville! Check out this site for visitor information, attractions, area organizations, economic and business information, and more.

Lufthansa Timetable Info

This unofficial Lufthansa site is mainly concerned with deparure information of Lufthansa flights to and from Europe. Also available in German.

Maui Interactive

This is an interactive guide to Maui. It contains information on travel, entertainment, maps, photography, magazines, and art. (It has text and graphics only.)

Mexicana Airlines

If Mexican travel is in your plans, plan to visit this graphic intensive airline WWW site. Includes maps, vacation specials and current testing of Reservation system. Best viewed in Netscape 1.1

Milwaukee Marketplace

Shop Milwaukee! (Or just look around.) This site has hundreds of places to visit, boy, or just see in Milwaukee. Come on over.

Mount Cook Airlines

A New Zealand airline offering information on the country in additon to schedules and exchange rates.

NetWeb Bermuda Home Page

This is your link to information about Bermuda. It has links to Bermuda travel information and cultural information. It also serves as a advertising site for Bermuda businesses.

New Brunswick, Canada: Outdoor Adventures

Advertises Outdoor Adventures vacation packages, which include whale watching , scuba-diving, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, bird-watching, and cycling in various national parks and other locations.

New England Airlines

Flights to Block Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod. Main emphasis on Block Island with info on the island itself.

Northwest Airlines

A 1 page fact sheet on Northwest Airlines that includes background about the airline, recent developments and about its fleet of aircraft.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Provides information on Norwegian Cruise Line's specific cruise ships, their destinations, itineraries, and travel fees.

Palo Alto, California

Both locals and visitors will enjoy their stop at Palo Alto's home page. Here you find information about medical facilities, schools, parks, recreation, and government.

Quantas Airlines

Well organized and informative site that includes: schedule, history of the airline, links to related sites on Australia and other airlines. Cute pictures of Koalas, too.

Railroad Timetables

A WWW page with links to timetables for: U.S. (Amtrak) and commuter lines; Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania library

Considered to be one of the most comprehensive WWW sites for travel information. Main feature is travel related newsgroups with searching capability for archives. Also includes hotel, tour operators, and good worldwide rail information.

Reno Airlines

A graphic intensive site with minimal information on the background of the airlines, but it does have maps and a referral to reservation service

Resort Sports Network

This page provides information for the avid vacationer. Weather, activities and more for hot vacation spots can be found right here.

RING! Online: Michigan's Electronic Magazine

This site offers information on Michigan, such as local news and events, sightseeing and travel, entertainment, and more. If you're planning a honeymoon or wedding in Michigan, this would be a good place to start.

Round-The-World Travel Guide

A text only WWW site that is quite comprehensive in its coverage. Links are available to sites that help you make travel decisions, choose transportation and accommodations, and provide information on money matters, and communications. This site has particularily good coverage of travel related newsgroups.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Provides information on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cruise ships, their destinations, itineraries, and travel fees.

Safari Helicopters

Helicopter tours of Kauai and the Big Island. "Virtual Helicopter Tour" includes Quick Time movies of locations (approx. 3 megs). Netscape 1.1

Salzburg, Austria

Welcome to Salzberg, a touch of paradise. Come to this site for visitor information about this beautiful Austrian city. Available in both German and English.

San Diego, California

Everyone will appreciate this site about San Diego. Features include resturaunt listings, local school information, attractions, and disaster and emergency response procedures.

Santa Barbara County

Visit this page for information about businesses, community service, events and leisure activities, and visitor information. You can choose your browsing method to make it easier for you to locate what you need.

Scenic Airlines

Airline that specializes in tours of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce, etc. Very informative site with current prices. Reservations can be made through the WWW. A lot of graphics--slow loading

St. Louis, Missouri

Visit the Gateway to the West. Home of the Rams and the Cardinals, visit St. Louis. From this page get information about tourists sites, restuarants, museums, and more.

Staunton, Virginia

Visit beautiful, historical Staunton Virginia, founded in the 1740s. This site has virtual historical tours, maps, and access to many visitor attractions.


Come here for access to information about Austin's government, the local area, including attractions and universities, and more.

TGV: French High Speed Train

TGV, the French high speed train, is featured in this WWW site. Includes background, graphics, and schedules (in French) and links to other high-speed train sites around the world.

The Caribbean Connection

A good place to start for the traveler who wants to become familar with the Caribbean. Links to travel and toursim, country profiles, entertainment.

The Civilized Explorer

This site contains information on places around the world. You can find information about beaches, restaurants, activities, and places to stay, with photographs and links to maps, satellite pictures, and other resources.

The Electronic Embassy

This site is a central source for information that is useful to the staff of embassies in Washington DC. as well as for those interested in embassy affairs. Links to embassy WWW sites, an index of all D.C. embassies, and jumps to Federal executive agencies and a list of Washington events are featured.

The Eurostar: English Channel

Eurostar is the first direct passenger train services that connects Paris and Brussels and London through the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel). Includes: timetables and prices and great pictures trains that travel this engineering masterpiece.

The Guide to Iceland and its people

This site is a comprehensive guide to Iceland, its attractions, history, people, language, economy . Lots of great pictures and information. If you travel to Iceland be sure to check out the lists of common phrases and words such as, Hvernig gengur? (How are you?)

The Information Skyway

Well organized and maintained site covering airlines (arranged geographically). Great resource to start looking at Airlines. Text version of site available, too

The Inn Traveler - International B&B and Country Inn Guide

Excellent source for Bed &Breakfast Inn information. Currently covers the United States (arranged alphabetically) and Canada. Information for some of the sites include: room description, reservations (forms), newsletters and audio clips(recorded by the innkeepers).

The Internet Guide to Hostels

Includes Worldwide Hostel Guide for throughout the world; "Talk Backpacking", a forum for asking questions, guide to Budget guidebooks. This is a good site for the traveler on a budget.

The Monaco Home Page

The home page for the Principality of Monaco. Information provided on Tourism, Business, and Motor Racing (Grand Prix). Available in English and French

The Travel Page

Another comprehensive source for information on hotels & reservations, cruises, & air travel. Well organized and a good place to start a search on the WWW for Travel information

The Travel Web

A site devoted to the traveller who is looking for hotel information on the WWW. "Find Hotel" page allows the user to specify criteria for a hotel room such as location, chain, amenities, and rates. Also links to a comprehensive list of major hotel chains, travel agencies.

The Webfoot's Travel Guides

The Thinking person's guide to travelling to the following locations: Austria, British Virgin Islands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Vatican City and the state of Hawaii. Each locations section provides links to good overall information about a country such as general information, city/site information, public transportation, language,literture and culture, and tips for tourists.

The West Virginia Web

The West Virginia Web is West Virginia's main entry ramp to the world-wide information superhighway and the Internet. Open to a wide variety of interests, the West Virginia Web is home to the West Virginia travel industry, economic development, government and virtually any other area of interest within West Virginia.

The Yankee Traveler

A very large site and a good compilation of travel related sources relating to New England. Includes: state WWW pages, info on Cape Cod and the Islands, bed & breakfasts and map links. Information is available on real estate, local businesses, and much more.

This is Chicago!

This Web site was created for the October 1994 conference This is Chicago! Information about hotels, restaurants, and attractions is still available.

TII - Tourism Info Internet

Good index to information on flights, rail, hotels, toursitc news, newsgroups, and country information around the world. Available in both English and German

Tour Canada without leaving your Desk

A page of links to many different sites about Canada and each of its provinces. Primarily available in English.

Travel & Entertainment Network (TEN-IO) home page

Ten-IO maintains a large, searchable database of travel related infomation, including a seperate Frequent Flyer information database. You can also download a demo copy of their Trip Finder for Traveler's software.

Travel Discounts Cruise Index

A good place to start for discount cruise information, arranged by region. Up to date information and the option to make a reservation online. Be sure to check out the Last Minute Cruise Specials page.

Travel Discounts

Very comprehensive site for discounts information on car rentals, railroads, tours, cruises, airlines, and specific tour packages arranged by region.

Travel Information

So, you want to travel and you need some information. Stop here! This site has information links to many, many different places, including all the States and Africa.

Travel Online

At this site you can get information about travel locations, tour packages, accomodations, travel bargins and many more travel topics. Once you've found what you were looking for you can make reservations and purchaces online if you wish. A forms capable browers is necessary.

Travel to Finland

The source for information on Finland . The usual fare of information that is valuable to a tourist can be found here such as hotels, shopping, and maps (clickable).The pages are available in English and Suomi.

Travel Web Search Page

Great place to make your travel plans. Lists hotels by city and country. You can search for the right type of hotel by location, property type, lodging chain. Also has links to the required hotels.


This WWW site for the TravelASIA hotel chain contains some very valuable information about what your need to know before you travel to several Asian destinations. Essential information on topics such as climate, entry regulations, customs regulations, tipping policies, local transportation options, health issues, even info on local electricity, water and banking. A list of TravelASIA hotels is provided along with links to other Asian travel resources.

TravelASSIST - Online Travel Information

An online mall where those in the tourism and travel industry can describe their services. Most notable at this site is the Register of Bed and Breakfast Inns and Small Hotels. If you like the B&B experience come here to look at over 600 listings for B & Bs that have been submitted by their owners.


A site that mainly focuses on ski and scuba vacation spots. It claims to have a list of all the ski resorts available on the WWW. Also has extensive information on Orlando, FL and the Flordia Keys. Searchs are conducted by clicking on a map or using a search form. Future plans for this site include adding information about for tennis and golf sites.


For the traveller who does not have time to sift through a lot of information. For a fee ($5.00), TravelSearch will give you a concise destination sheet telling you the worthwhile things to do in your destination city. Ordering and receipt of the travel sheet is by US Mail.


A WWW site that considers itself to be "The Internet's First Interactive Travel Guide". Very graphical site with topics such as resorts, hotels, sports, golfing, ranches, cycling, yachts, etc. Appears to be a new site that is growing.

U.S. State Dept. Travel Warnings and Consular Info Sheets

Up to date information on traveling to countries around the world, including warnings, entry requirements, and crime information. One can subscribe via email to receive travel advisories throught this site.


Created by the United States Performing Arts Network, this is a guide to events in the greater Seattle area. Also available here is a weather link, and news information.

United Kingdom Pages

United Kingdom Pages is the Stateside hub of informtion about the U.K. in many categories: higher education, cities, countryside, culture, government, travel and employment, and miscellaneous. There are well over a thousand links to other sites, primarily within the U.K. There are also lists of bed-and-breakfast accommodations, picturesque pubs, etc., and several photo albums of downloadable jpeg images, including a popular page of photographs of the Royals. Listed on Best of the British Web, Yahoo, and other major indexes. The best starting point for locating almost anything in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom-Manchester Geology Dept.

This is the home page for the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Manchester. Link to research about geology and other education issues. Also take a tour of the city while you're there.

USA City Link

WWW site devoted to travel and tourism information about U.S. states and cities. Arranged by states in alphabetical order and requires the use of forms.

USA CityLink

Welcome to the most comprehensive listing of cities and their states on the Web. You can look up almost any city in the US and find information about schools, governement, the local community, and more. Link galore provided.


ValleyWeb is the virtual home of the Nova Scotia1s Annapolis Valley. Here the land and sea merge, the past lingers in the present and both the French and English have found a home. This region, which stretches from the Acadian Shore to the Annapolis Valley, has been named for the epic poem 'Evangeline', composed by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Check out our towns and villages, businesses, tourist sites, historical sites, Acadia University and the many links to other exciting places.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Regional FreeNet's information and links are located here. You also can link to the Britich Columbian home page and other Canadian home pages. From there, you can tour all of Canada.

Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to the Victoria Free-Net. This is a community-based network that is available at no cost to residents and visitors of Victoria. It provides easy access to businesses, individuals, governement, and more.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Graphically appealing site that is well organized with lots of information about sepcial offers, frequent flyer miles, duty free, You can plan your flight online as well as read articles from their magazine, "hot air". Virgin Atlantic flys from the US to the United Kingdom.

Virtual Tourist II

If you have some time and want to find information on a country such as: city info, culture and language, education, maps, news, etc. try this site. A graphical interface composed of maps is used; click on the map to select a country's page. A text base version is available for faster access of the information.

Web Travel Review

Over 600 pages of text and 2000 photographs of the personal travel experiences of travel writer Philip Greenspun. Travel with him around the country and around the globe. Wonderful pictures, check out the parrots in the Miami section of the Costa Rica story.

Western Pacific Airlines

An airline with discounted rates. Site mainly provides detailed schedule and fare information.

Where to stay in the Caribbean

Online guide to over 200 resorts and hotels in the Caribbean. Arranged by Island, topic, and alphabetically by resort.

Wholesale Travel Centre

Said to be the first online discounted airfare quoting reservation service. Enter where and when you wnat to go and Wholesale Travel Centre will e-mail you back a quote on what it will cost.




Car rentals in over 6000 locations worldwide




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