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Weddings Links

A Wedding Made in Paradise

Advertises wedding locations and custom planning services for couples getting married in Maui, Hawaii.

Ans Bolk Personal Design Bridal Couture

Creates exclusive bridal and evening gowns. Designs gowns that suit the personality of the client in style and cut. Offers a large selection of materials appropriate to the design, including silks and laces imported from various countries. Also offers to adron the fabrics with exclusive embroidery.

Bridal Net: Online Bridal Registry

Provides an online shopping and bridal registry with images of china and silverware patterns. Features information about major retailers' BridalRegistries, including tips and advice on how to register, color pictures of products, and store locations and phone numbers. Also offers links to other online bridal services and honeymoon destinations.


Provides information for couples wanting to get married or honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands. Offers specific wedding instructions and requirements pertaining to each island.

Celebration Vineyards

Advertises Vineyard Celebrations, which provides personalized wedding favors, such as customized labels for champagne and sparkling cider table favors. Shows examples of each.

Club Wed Press

Advertises this service which provides a personal Club Wed Press Newsletter that introduces you to guests and helps them plan for the ceremony, reception, and other special events. Also offers some tips on how to use the newsletter.

Coconut Coast Weddings and Honeymoons

Advertises the services of Coconut Coast Weddings and Honeymoons, which specializes in planning and coordinating weddings, vow renewals, and honeymoons. Also offers a list of various packages and the marriage licence requirements for Hawaii.

Collected Domestic Partners Information

Contains information and links to information on topics related to domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages. Offers excellent resources on policies in various companies and universities, family leave and adoption policies, and legal opinions.

Engagement Diamond FAQ

Provides a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about buying a diamond, written by Peter Mlynek (not a gemologist but rathat, an experienced diamond buyer).

Hora Bridal Accessories

Advertises bridal accessories offered by Hora.

Focuses on the Tao of I Ching and the eight trigrams of ndrogyny and Marriage.

HvH Video Productions

Advertises the services of HvH Video Productions, which offers to transfer slides, photos, 8 mm movies, or printed materials to video, convert videos to various formats, or dub and edit videos.

Imagemaker's Kalendarized Keepsakes

Advertises a calendar-making offered by Imagemaker[md]to put your favorite photos in a 12-month calendar.


Advertises bridal gowns offered by Imagi-Nations, styles by Watters and Watters.

Indian Matrimonial Service

Contains classified ads with proposals for marriage. Lets you post your own ad or reply to existing ads.

Island Wedding SuperClubs, Jamaica

Advertises the services of SuperClubs Resorts. Offers honeymoon escapes, but now couples are electing to have their wedding at these resorts.

Jewish Marriage Enhancement

Advertises the Jewish Marriage Enhancement, a weekend program for married couples to explore the fullest potential for their relationship. Emphasizes communication.

Leslie's Guide to Wedding Planning

Provides information in the format of a wedding planning guide. Contains information on ceremony and reception music, readings, flowers and their meanings, links to other wedding Web sites, a bride's emergency kit, shower games, a photo checklist, a list of places to register, honeymoons in Hawaii, ceremonies, cookware, invitations, and miscellaneous other things.

Love, Sex and Marriage

Online bookstore. Offers many titles on various topics relating to relationships, marriage, sex, and family. Includes a search tool you can use to look for certain titles or authors.

Marriage Enrichment

Advertises the Marriage Enrichment computerized program developed by Dr. Charles Dorothy and Pastor Kenneth Westby. Also contains a collection of self-help resources that you can order, as well as links to other sites.

Mary and Michael Wedding Photography

Advertises photographic services offered by Mary and Michael of Palo Alto, California. Also provides a section on "Tips for Togetherness" for couples.

Serves as an interactive matchmaking site at which you can read descriptions of people looking for a match or leave your own description.

Melanet Online African Wedding Guide

Focuses on giving you ideas and guiding you to resources. Represents a hodgepodge of African traditions, as well as adaptations to the ways of African Americans. Includes examples of how others have had African-centered weddings. Also provides consumer and retail information.

Meryl and Yusuf's Wedding Page

Presents a personal wedding page. Meryl and Yusef provide their before-wedding plans and then a detail of how it went. They also have their wedding announcement in both English and Turkish.

Music for weddings and receptions

Contains a listing of music titles for weddings and receptions.

Ninga Software Corporation: "The Wedding Planner"

Advertises Ninga Software Corporation's "The Wedding Planner," a program that helps the organizer (usually the bride) with the invitations, RSVPs, gifts, and thank-you cards.

P.S. I Love You

Serves as a matchmaking center for women from all over the world. Includes helping establish initial electronic introductions and in-person meetings.

Peachtree Circle Inc

Offers distinctive gifts for wedding attendants.

Personal Wedding Pages on the Net

Helps you announce your wedding over the Web. Offers to link to your wedding page or create a page for you. Lists couples by the year of wedding and includes many photos.


Contains information on St. Petersburg, Russia. Also offers links to an area where you can become acquainted with Russian males or females. Lets you leave your own personal information through a form.

Poems for Disposable Cameras

Provides some examples of poems you can use to let the guests know what you expect them to do with the disposable cameras you've provided at your wedding.

Rialto Archive: Period and SCA Weddings

Provides a collection of messages about various types of weddings, including medieval, early Christian, middle Eastern, and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

Same-Sex Marriage Home Page

Contains links to Internet resources, state news, lobby groups, articles, and general information related to same-sex marriages.

Simply Software: "Bridesmaids for Windows"

Advertises "Bridesmaids for Windows," a Windows application that helps the wedding planner organize invitations, gifts, RSVPs, Thank You notes, expenses, and important dates. WWW Page

Web page for the newsgroup, a forum for discussing all aspects of wedding planning, from engagement through honeymoon. Includes, but isn't limited to, topics such as purchasing engagement/wedding jewelry and gifts, announcing the engagement, setting a wedding date, hiring professionals such as caterers and photographers, renting facilities such as churches and halls, planning the ceremony, wedding-related etiquette, registering for gifts, selecting wedding attire, and dealing with relationship/family problems associated with wedding planning. Doesn't limite discussions to weddings between one man and one woman. Invites same-sex couples and groups of more than two people planning a wedding to participate. Also welcomes discussions of wedding

Sophisticated Chocolates

Advertises services by Sophisticated Chocolates Mfg., Inc. Specializes in supplying gift box chocolate assortments, chocolate corporate logo's, chocolate-filled gift baskets, personalized wedding favors, and many other chocolate products.

Sposabella Bridal - La Sposa Veil

Shows veils and head attire offered by Sposabella Bridal of New York. Offers images of their products.

Talking Personals

Contains the Vancouver Talking Personals, which contains more than 3,000 men and women in online advertisements. Uses both community newspapers and the Web. All ads are currently running or have appeared in print in one of the 14 VanNet community newspapers with a circulation of over 650,000 at least twice per week. Ads are placed for free in one of the community newspapers via audiotext system. The system asks questions to match you with prospective partners. Voice ads are transcribed and published in the community newspaper at least once. Also offers a section on relationship tips.

The American Humanist Association

Contains a collection of articles, essays, commentaries, lists, and so on. Contains information in the Special Occasions section on how to conduct various types of Humanist wedding ceremonies.

The Bridal Veil Home Page

Provides information about bridal veils. Offers a short history of bridal attire and information on matching your veil and hair.

The Fabulous Northwest Wedding Page

Contains wedding information "for all those who have a passion for the Grand Spectacle and an aversion for printed matchbooks . . . ." Offers information on etiquette, personal style, locations, and other topics.

The Jim Harmon Group Inc.

Offers wedding games, guides, and prayers. Describes the products offered and provides ordering information.

The Wedding Source

Provides information on wedding vendors and serves as a place to find and exchange ideas. Contains links to other sites relating to weddings or wedding-related products.

The World Wide Web Dating Game

Imitates the TV version of the dating game. Lets you participate either as a voting member of the "audience," where you decide who the entrant should go out with, fill out a form and try to get in the Dating Game yourself.

TouchSoft: "I Do, The Ultimate Wedding Planner"

Advertises a Windows-based software application that helps you organize, plan, and budget your wedding. Provides information on its features, how it works, and how to order it.

Wedding Announcement Circle Home Page

Offers free announcement space for couples.

Wedding Bell Blueprint

Provides an article that tells the professional secrets of how to videotape a wedding with a single camera. Gives advice on story visualization, rehearsals, and how to best capture the ceremony.

Wedding Cam

Advertises the single use camera made by Custom Camera Design, Inc. Provides instructions on how to get your wedding guests to get involved in the picture-taking process.

Wedding Gardens

Serves as a complete guide to gardens in the United States. Offers a detailed description of each garden along with contact information.

Wedding Photography Guide and FAQ

Focuses on helping you understand wedding photography from the behind-the-camera-side to make wiser choices in your own purchase, as well as get the most from it after you have contracted.

Wedding Planning Timetable

Contains a timetable for wedding planning.

Weddings Online

Provides an online shopping guide with links to bridal service providers, such as jewelers, photography, stylists, bands, and so on. Also provides a wedding guide section with links to a wedding planning timeline, planning software, marriage laws, and tips from pros.

Weddings, with Makana

Advertises a private estate that offers wedding locations and a full range of onsite wedding services, including videographers, musicians, vocalists, dancers and drummers, photographers, florals, champagnes, and wedding cakes.

WorldWide Marriage Encounter

Advertises WorldWide Marriage Encounter, a program designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine their lives together. Emphasizes communication between husband and wife.




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